Saturday, May 29, 2010

berlawan = bahaya

I feel extremely guilty. Because lately I have been keeping secrets from my boyfriend.

My boyfriend is not very happy because I spend so much time with a male friend.

I see nothing wrong with it. I know he is not interested in me, and he knows I am so in love with my boyfriend, so I figure the relationship is harmless.

Since my friend and I live in the same neighbourhood, isn't it logically convenient (financially and socially) to go everywhere together?

Because of my boyfriend's disapproval, I, sometimes, had to lie that there's someone else in the car/ restaurant (insert- wherever we may be at that time).

I strongly believe in karma. Currently, I am so scared that sooner or later, my boyfriend may be keeping secrets from me too!

But I don't want to lose my friend and I want my boyfriend to lose his insecurities. Doesn't he know that good friends are hard to find, they don't come along very often and especially the ones who are as crazy as you!

And most of the time, it is not our faults. We would be planning an outing with a whole bunch of friends, but somehow, one by one would decide to ditch us, something came up la, last minute emergency la, bangun lambat la, so in the end, the two of us again.

Bf: You tak boleh rapat sangat dengan dia. Orang tua-tua dah kata, lelaki dengan perempuan tu berlawan!
Me: Tapi mana ada I gaduh-gaduh dengan dia!
Bf: You faham tak maksud 'berlawan' tu? Maksudnya, bahaya, tau tak? Lelaki bila dah bersama dengan perempuan tu bahaya!

Haha. Berlawan = bergaduh. Mana I tahu!


Deew and Bandages said...

yeah.. karma agak menyekat certain things.

lelaki rasanya susah untuk terima our 'bestfriend' lelaki..

and if difikirkan 'karma', kalau dia tiba-tiba ada 'bestfriend' perempuan,

hati kita mungkin haru juga. :D

Anonymous said...

"But he's just a friend!" is the protest of many women who subsequently upped and left a relationship to be with that so-called friend.

What can I say? I've seen this happen all too often. Of course, this may not happen to you. But the question is, do you want to take that risk?

Don't mind me. What do I know about these things anyway...