Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The sparks I thought the surgeon and I had, were shortlived.

Nampak sangat I didn't really fall for him.

"Come. Lets have a Q&A. I am not happy, your work is slacking."

I got so offended by his statement despite just the day before,

Me: Why do you like to imitate me?
Surgeon: Because I think you are cute.
Me: Am I? Awww...I am cute!
Surgeon: You are cute. You are cute like a kanak-kanak.

I hate him now.

Cute + Slacking = I am officially a bimbo, thank you.

I was surprised when my boss asked my colleague, Johny,

Boss: You ni...Ectopy dah bertunang pun, masih nak kacau lagi...
Johny: Mana ada saya kacau...Saya jaga dia...
Me: I am not engaged yet! Who says I am engaged!
Boss: Masih tak mengaku dah bertunang...
Me: No, really. I am not engaged! I am booked, but not engaged yet.
Johny: It's the same!
Me: It's not the same. I should be given another ring if I am engaged. Mana boleh senang-senang nak bertunang kalau takde cincin!

The point here is: If boss knows I am engaged/ committed, surgeon would have known too because they are good friends, and guys talk!

This explains surgeon's cold beaviours.

This is all Johny's big mouth's fault!

Talk about my boss, the other day, he innocently and loudly ask Johny and I a question,

"So, how was Team A?"

I didn't get it until Johny looked him in the eyes, "It's The A-Team, boss, The A-Team, not Team A."


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