Saturday, June 19, 2010

None of my readers corrected me! (You guys are not really football fans too, huh?)

Continuation from my last post:

The next day, I told my boyfriend, and he was like, "But Italy did not win!" It was a draw match!

Oh, my God. Now I am so ashamed because he paid for the food even though the bet was- If Italy won.

Why did the surgeon played along with me?

So, anyway, if time is permissible, I will treat him lunch tomorrow. Because I don't want to owe him anything.

At work, my staffs were talking bad about their boss, who is my colleague.
According to them, she is bossy and likes to order them around (ironic, how can a boss be not bossy?), they even give her a nickname.

I just smiled. Fariz, another colleague of mine came to our desk, and he overheard the conversation. Being the typical nice guy, he didn't want to take side, like me, however, he was vocally implying it.

"Saya tak kisah dengan dia sebab walaupun dia agak mengarah, tapi dia buat kerja dia..." he said.

I said, "Oh, korang ni, bila dia takde, mulalah nak sebut-sebut nama dia. Rindu ke?"

One of the staffs responded, "Tak rindu langsung! Tapi kan, kalau kita suka dekat seseorang, kita akan puji-puji dia. Kitorang tak kesah, nak kutuk depan-depan, nak puji pun depan-depan."

My boss, who was around, interrupted, "Tapi patutnya, kalau nak puji kena belakang-belakang, sebab setiap pujian itu adalah satu langkah ke neraka. Nak kutuk tak boleh belakang-belakang. Sebab nanti jadi mengumpat."

Not many people know that. That's why, I don't mind if I don't receive compliments.

Then, I attended a client with Fariz. The client was an elderly lady who didn't converse well in our national language, so her husband did most of the talking. I felt it was better if Fariz and the husband talked while I listened and jotted down notes.

As usual, sometimes during an interview, there would be silence as Fariz and I need some moments to think over the information that has been extracted from them.

This uncle, upon seeing me quiet, asked Fariz, although I was at present at that time, my racial root and commented, "Banyak cantik."

Damn it, mesti aku nampak macam bimbo lagi. All the, 'Don't just sit there and look pretty' comments haunted me back.

20 minutes later, I was back to my desk, my staff sat next to me, "Boss, boss ni cantik tau sebenarnya. Pakailah mekap...Nanti saya bawa pergi saloon, nak?"

Nooo...! Not the rebonding advice again!

"Ala, nak buat macam mana. Kerja busy. Tak sempatlah...Tidur pun tak cukup..." I smiled politely.

"Nanti clients pengsan tengok boss," they laughed.

"Ala, diorang banyak perempuan. Bukannya nak mengorat diorang pun..."

"Takpe, takpe, nanti saya bagi lipstick dekat boss."

"Yeay! Bestnye nanti dapat hadiah...Thank you!" I didn't mean to be sarcastic. I do enjoy free gifts, because the best things in life are free.


I have decided that: I don't care whether Malaysian women think that I can be prettier. As long as 70 year-old uncles with visual impairment can appreciate my beauty, I am happy.

Oh, and thanks uncle for bringing me one step closer to hell.

My friend is going out with a divorcee with two children. I don't mind. To me, as long as he is single and available, it is okay, I don't care about his status. Over the years, I have taught myself that some things in this world are not perfect and I am not here to be judgmental.

The eldest child is 6 years old. I don't know how long ago since he uttered the word, "I divorce you," but, what I know is, it has been 2 years, at least.

Anyway, my friend, Fariz and I were talking about it in the car.

I, obviously defended the couple. Jodoh sudah tak lama, nak buat macam mana.

"But a divorce, after, not one, but two children is a big deal!" he said.

Basically, to him, to divorce the wife, the women you once loved, is not an easy thing to do, there must be a really, really good reason that triumph the fact that she is the mother of your childREN.

Yes, people stay in marriages, sometimes, even though they are not in love anymore, because they love their children so much, they want to provide a stable environment for them. It's for the kids.

"Tapi besar sangat ke silapnya sampai nak bercerai?" he questioned.

According to my friend, it is okay to divorce earlier on in the marriage because the things that you have shared together is minimal. Without kids, it's easier to consider whether to separate or not.

Well, yeah, he got his points across, and now, I am slightly agreeing with him.
Intrigued, even, what is exactly the really, really good reason, to get a divorce, even after years of marriage and two children?

Is the reason truly justified?


Sue@Iza said...

hahaha..nampak sangat tak focus on that point (football score). i focus on the flirting part saje.

cacah said...

there must be a reason for anything. well, as you said, nobody's perfect and we are not here to judge. let's hope for the best.