Sunday, July 17, 2016

We let the helper go back to Indonesia for 2 weeks.

She was due to come back yesterday. She didn't show up.

We trusted her. She received so much incentives. It is her loss if she didn't come back. But why can't she let us know?

My heart is still praying for a miracle.

When we called the Indonesian number, a lady answered.
"Saya tak kenal sama dia...Saya jumpa telefon ini, tadi ada kecelakaan, jadi saya ambil telefon ini."

Accident --> missed flight
Lost phone, perhaps even Passport and permit card.
No cash to buy a new ticket.
No phone to contact us.
Did not jot down our numbers.

Where are you, Bibik!

If the accident was true, I hope she is fine and not dying or something.

But, if she made things up, I hope she's in hell.

The worrying part is: I don't want to burden Mother.

We don't care about finding the a new maid. Duit boleh dicari. Bibik is replaceable. In the meantime ni macam mana?

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