Sunday, July 24, 2016

People say it's difficult to love your children equally.

But so far, I love both my children equally, just longer for my firstborn (d

When Baby H was born, I gave extra attention to Big Brother K so he wouldn't get jealous or feel left out. I didn't want to scar him like I was scarred when I first received my baby sister.

Thank God, Big Brother K loves his sister. He is always kissing her, I think it's because she's so cute, he can't resist himself. He never tries to hurt Baby H intentionally. Although, sometimes he plays too rough, when he covers her sister with a blanket (playing ghost/ monster/ hide and seek), or puts his butt at his sister's face because he wants to pretend fart Baby H...

Initially, I think I ignored Baby H most of the time. She was just a baby, she didn't react, except when she was hungry and wanting to sleep. Other than that, my time and attention went to Big Brother K.

But now, she is growing up so fast. Independent and cheerful. How can I not love this baby who is not as fussy as her brother, gives in a lot, gentle and has to let her Mother work before she was even 3 months old.

Just now, Baby H was already sleeping and Big Brother K was about to fall asleep when Baby H suddenly cried. Big Brother K quickly joined me to hush her. I nursed Baby H and Big Brother K hugged both of us and stroked Baby H's head, half asleep.

My heart melted.

Big Brother K- so loving and kind.
Baby H- so patient, gentle and cheerful.

Baby H has giggled several times since she turned 3 months old. So far, the only reason she giggles is watching Big Brother K doing something silly.

I pray they would have the best sibling relationship until they die. :)

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