Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My son, he's going to be 19 months old this coming Friday.
He missed his appointment for his jab at 18 months because he had fever.

Anyway, since my husband is around, I asked my husband to bring him instead.
My husband hates the needle. He couldn't stand seeing blood.
He didn't even accompany me in the labour room!
And all this while, I was the one who held my son down when he received his injections.
My husband? He felt too kasihan for my son, he couldn't even bear to be in the same room.

According to my husband, my son screamed and cried...4 people needed to hold him down...
Then, he salam-ed all the nurses after the ordeal.


What I like about my local government clinic is, the nurses remember us.
- the same nurse who did the home visit after I delivered the baby
- the same nurse who greeted us at the clinic when they thought my baby had jaundice (he didn't)
- then I returned to my husband's hometown and had regular follow ups there
- but once I am back to Mother's place to further my study, I transferred all my baby's record to the local clinic, and again, we saw the same nurse.
I remember she said, "Eh, dah setahun ke?" Ya, dah setahun. And I'm so surprised she actually remembers us.
- and recently, still the same ever so friendly nurse

Anyway, since she knows us (not personally though), she was a bit concerned that my son hasn't said a word. Yet.

My husband called me and passed the phone to her

Nurse: Miss Ectopy, anak Miss ni tak pandai cakap lagi ke?
Me: Ha ah...Dia tak pandai cakap lagi...Tapi dia paham, tunjuk telinga, tunjuk hidung, tunjuk mata...
Nurse: Mama ke? Nenek ke? Air ke?
Me: Tak lagi...
Nurse: Sebab kalau ikut betul-betul, saya patutnya kena refer doktor ni...Budak umur macam ni kena cakap 3 perkataan.
Me: Errr...Dia ada cakap "Bye bye" --> I lied.
Nurse: Mama?
Me: Tak ada lagi...Tapi dia ada cakap "Nana". Nana tu cousin dia. --> I don't think he meant it when he said na na na na na na.
Nurse: Lain? Hai ke? Hello ke?
Me: Dia lambat sikit...
Nurse: Jadi, macam mana Miss?
Me: Bagi masa sebulan dua boleh tak?
Nurse: Tak apa?
Me: Kalau tak boleh juga, kita refer doktor.
Nurse: Okay, Miss...

So, that's how I dodged the referral to the doctor for his delayed speech.

Actually, I don't mind being referred to the doctor lah...It's just that I prefer if I was there when the doctor assesses him.

So, lepas ni kena buat intensive course untuk anak I ni...

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