Thursday, March 12, 2015

My lecturer was talking about pain.

"Studying for this is painful. You whine every day, wanting to die every day, complaint every single time, but yet, you still die die want to finish this off. Why? Why put yourself through something so difficult and painful? You know it's hard, you know you don't like it, but you still do it! Whose fault is that?"

I was silent.

"Because you want the satisfaction. Because it's your ambition. Because at the end of the day, completing this course means something so much to you, that you are willing to go through the hardships, because perhaps you think it's worth it."

Then, I question myself. Really? Does becoming an expert in a field means so much to me?

One of the major reasons I continue my study is because I'm a type A kind of person, and I can't be left behind in this rat race, especially when I compare myself to other people, it drives me nut. If they can do it, why can't I?

Never thought how it would make my life more meaningful. Heh.

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p.u.c.c.a said...

Same here, Ectopy.

I further my study mainly for satisfaction. And reason nak sambung last time, sbb ada sikit menyampah dgn boss HR sbb dia guna her 'master by accident'tu as a taraf untuk ukur kepandaian antara dia dengan staff lain. Well, memang foreverlah this type of HR living in her own world, sbb ada orang lebih brilliant beratus juta kali dari dia..