Sunday, March 22, 2015

Heard the doorbell rang, so went to check and someone claimed, "Minta derma untuk sekolah Tahfiz..."

Took a few ringgit and brought Baby K to the gate.

Saw that girl wearing a nose ring.
And she didn't even offer a receipt (they usually do, right?)

I mean, katakanlah, kau dulu sesat, and now you are raising money for a sekolah Tahfiz, shouldn't you at least take off your nose ring?

Felt cheated.

Reminds me of the time when I was at a petrol station.

Paid RM50 and the attendant helped to fill up the tank. When he indicated that he was done, I peeked and saw it stopped at RM45 plus. Got out from the car,

Me: Saya bayar RM50 lah tadi.
Attendent: Saya tak tahu.
Me: Try lagi sekali.
Attendant: Mungkin dia tendang balik sebab minyak dah full.
Me: Mana ada full!
Attendant: Boleh minta balik duit lebih dari dalam.

Went inside and given RM5. Without me even explaining the situation to the cashier. Datang counter terus dapat duit, as if trying to shut me up.

Started the engine and realized there were 2 empty bars. (Kepala otak kau bagi aku teori minyak tendang sebab tank dah full)

So angry!

I suspect the attendant and the cashier purposely plot to cheat the customers. Those who don't know notice would've probably drove away without detecting anything wrong.

RM5 per car. If there were 10 cars that hour? If they were 50 cars that day?

So, please, always check the meters.


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