Thursday, July 10, 2014

Honestly, since I had a baby, I don't remember the last time I actually made up myself. I did attend a few weddings and formal events, but as far as I can remember, even if I intended to wear make up properly, I ended up going bare faced because I had no time. My husband would usually take the baby to the car and wait for me. I pulak, cepat cepat bersiap because I hate making them wait for me.

Basically, it's been a very long time since I last felt pretty. Kesian kan? I've always told myself not to let myself be one of those moms. Bila tengok blog mak mak cantik, I just don't know how they do it lah ok...Terus rasa inferior sebab I ni comot je...Pergi kerja lagilah comot!

A few weeks ago, I was busy with admin stuff, pergi sana sini, then I stopped by a friend's house during lunch hour to tumpang solat. Her mother was home with her 2 nephews and 1 niece aged between 2 to 6 years old.

I took off my tudung for wudhu. Her niece saw me and said, "Waahhh...Macam Elsa!"

Hahahaha! Omg, me, Elsa?! That's probably the most flattering physical compliment I've ever had from a child!

I buat taktau je. But the next time I saw my friend, she excitedly told me the story because she thought I didn't hear her niece.

Again, hahahaha!

Just what I needed to hear after months and months of feeling comot! Bless the child.

Maybe there's still hope for me to beautify myself again.

Just last week, I saw a client and she said, "Wahh...You are so young!"
Me: No lah, auntie. I am already 3* years old!
Client: Still young lor...And you look younger than that!

Score! Yeay!

More good news in this post: I won three prizes from the SMS contests I entered a few weeks ago! Terus bersemangat nak masuk contest lagi. Haha! Thank you Samsung Galaxy Life sebab bagi 3 magazines free for 1 year! (I mestilah takkan beli beauty magazines, my Reader's Digest pun tak terkhatam sejak ada Baby K ni...)

Me: Saya nak claim hadiah saya menang.
Receptionist: Contest dari magazine mana ye?
Me: Oh, saya menang 3 hadiah dari 3 magazines.
Receptionist: Tiga! Banyaknya!
Me: Hehehe (Kita pulak yang malu menang banyak)

Hari ni kita cerita happy happy je...Bye!


p.u.c.c.a said...

Tetiba dah boleh bayang Ectopy macam mana..........If I imagine Elsa, then I can imagine u.

Pretty Ectopy :-)

green apple said...

Elsa...ok memang cantik :)

Xuriana said...

I think all Moms go through this phase where they wish they look better. I have been in this phase for almost 4 years now, go figure! Haha.

But, no matter what, our kids will still think that we are the prettiest women on earth. Confirm punyalah. Now that's all that matters, haha.