Saturday, July 26, 2014

Anak I ni, taknak tidur pulak...So mak dia nak tulis blog. Haha.

Nearing to being 1 year old, yesterday he began to clap his hands. He is so excited with his new acquired skill, he even clapped his hands when he was half asleep. Haha.

Mother said he also has started to walk 4 to 5 steps, but I am yet to see this my own eyes.

Anyway, I will be taking leave on his birthday week, to get his jab, and my husband is planning a small kenduri for us. My husband made a nazar for me, but due to time constraint, I told him why not just make it a two-in-one thing. Senang. Lagipun, Baby K baru nak masuk setahun, tak payahlah party party ni, dia bukan tau apa pun...Besides, if we were to do it separately, I don't think there would be any guests for a party. Plus, you bloggers have set a high standard for a party, it's difficult to keep up! Can we just attend your party instead?


Main reason for this post today, is to wish all Muslims Selamat Hari Raya.

Dengan penuh ikhlas and sepenuh hati, I would like to ask for your forgiveness if I have offended any of my readers. Most importantly, I am hugely sorry if ada tulisan tulisan yang menunjukkan riak walaupun kecil.

I read a Facebook status warning that in today's society, advanced with technology, many people don't realize the sins of riak when you post something online. You know, the easiest example, post gambar anak tapi sebelah ada bag mahal, niat sebenarnya nak tunjuk handbag gitu...

Kalau the intention is to really show your anak, there's nothing wrong with that. Kalau niat nak show off the anak, it's berdosa. Kalau you are just proud and wants to spread your happiness, then that's okay.

But sometimes, people don't realize even gokd intention can hurt.

Like this girl on Facebook, she said, don't judge her if all she does is talking about her children. Don't look down to her because she chooses to be a stay at home mom. She said, nobody can understand her except a mother, only a person with children can understand how she feels.

Sounds harmless?

But to me, I terasa lah jugak on behalf those who don't have children yet. Special sangat ke sampai orang tak ade anak tak boleh paham perasaan dia? She posted something like this way before I was pregnant, and I was really offended by the last line.

Ataupon I je yang over sensitive?

I still think she should not say that, even I have a son now.

So, again, I want to apologize for any wrong doings. If hope in the future, I would be more mindful if there is even the slightest riak in this blog  Do not hesitate to guide me and bagi teguran when necessary. Semoga semua orang dapat pahala a d masuk syurga.

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SL said...

Yaaaa saya nak masuk syurga jugaaaa !! :) di maafkan juga. Selamat hari rayaaaa