Saturday, May 17, 2014

As usual, I have been busy.

But here's something short and rather important!

My husband has a horrible singing voice. Despite that, he has the confidence to sing in front of complete strangers. Well, one time, my department had an outing, so I brought my husband along. Dengan muka tak malu, my husband sang and sang the karaoke...Well, I give him credit for being such a good sport though. But, still, a terrible singer, no doubt about that.

Today was the second time he sang to our son in the car. And again, our son mencebik bibir, his smile turned upside down and he looked like he was on the verge to burst out tears, just like the last time he sang to him (we initially thought my son was simply in a foul mood). My husband stopped. Then, he sang again, and my son gave similar reaction. With that, it was confirmed, this is no coincidence, my son really hates my husband's singing, which means, not only my husband is a terrible singer, he might even be a scary one!


OMG, how can that not be funny! We laughed and laughed, and my husband repeatedly sang to my son and he frowned every single time.

Worst singer ever!

Husbad: I rase, baby ingat I marah dia kot...
Me: Suara you betul betul buat dia takut.


blu4sky said...

Lol..terus teringat cerita look who's talking..

the ectopy said...

Ade scene baby nangis jugak eh dlm cerita tu? Lama sgt cerita tu...kadang kadang keluar jugak dkt astro tp tak tengok