Monday, October 28, 2013

I went to SACC to buy baby stuff. It was my first time, probably my last. Gosh, it was so crowded! And the sale wasn't worth it. Except for diapers and formula milk.

I went on Friday morning, in hope to avoid the crowd, but nooo, my husband and I couldn't take it. I can't imagine how the turn out would be like in MidValley. Mesti lagi terukkk...

The price fluctuated too. I bought nursing bras, which was priced at RM40 for two.
Me: Eh, tadi awak kata dua helai RM30!
Salesgirl: Boss dah naikkan harga.
Husband: Mana boss awak? Saya nak cakap dengan boss awak.
Salesgirl: Boss, kakak ni dapat harga lain.
Boss: Berapa? Berapa?
Husband: Dua helai RM30.
Boss: Okay, okay. Untuk you, I bagi special price.

Waahh...Dalam masa sejam naik 10 ringgit!

Anyway, I will be starting work next week. During my short visit to Mother's house, we practised leaving Baby KR for a few hours without his parents.

It wasn't planned. I wanted to bring him along, but Mother volunteered. Mother seemed to be handling him well. Baby KR slept and did not fuss for 4 successful (it was 6 hours the next day when we left him), it's so unlike him when he is with my husband and I. Perhaps we are simply clueless parents.

Because it was our first time being separated from each other, I was anxious. I didn't even browse stuff I need for myself. I need new pair of pants! And tudung, and shoes. And Spanx! OMG, seriously, giving birth has changed the contour of my cute butt that I used to be proud of, haha. Apesal sekarang bontot macam jatuh semacam...Tak perky dah... :(

Here's a confession.

I had a problem in expressing breast milk. Because of that, I've been delaying in introducing the bottle to my baby. I was afraid if I started to bottle feed him, I would lose the natural stimulation I need to make more breast milk.

So, I kept on direct feeding my baby, kept on pumping, taking fenugreek pills and kept on praying. Slowly, I am able to build up breast milk stocks.

I was so worried my baby would reject the bottle. Berdoa je lah agar dipermudahkan. I've heard some babies needed trial and error of up to SEVEN different types bottles!

Alhamdulillah, when I left Baby KR with Mother, he took it. He just took it. Kuasa Allah sangat! That's one huge burden being lifted off my shoulders.

I used MAM bottles, by the way, funny thing is, he does not want the MAM pacifier or any other pacifier.

I do not know how much breast milk he would take, how much breast milk I should leave him with. They say it's about 1 oz per hour, but it really depends on your baby. So, I guess, I will be leaving 12 oz for him each day for now. I store my breast milk 4 oz per bag.

And because of this, I'm aiming to make 12 oz per day at least! The more the better, obviously, it's just that I will be having problems with the freezer space.

Oh, Baby KR is 5.5kg at 2 months. Hurrah! Shopping baju dia mahal nak mampus, kain sikit tapi mahal, mak dia pun tak merasa pakai baju mahal ni haaaa!!!

And I found out there's even imitation strollers out there! OMG, these Chinese people really copy anything and everything! Never it crosses my mind that somebody would make a fake stroller lah...I also found some people who are okay with it. But me, I'd rather have second hand Bugaboo strollers than having a flimsy one.


Mrs ARK said...

Hai dear.

Time flies so fast when you're having fun eh?

About the breastfeeding thingy, a friend of mine is conducting a class on the 9th Nov. If I am not mistaken.

It will be held in Lunatots Bandar Sri Permaisuri. I sat in her class for about 1 hour and gain a lot on how to calculate your child's need when you are working.

Come with your husband and also your baby. Kelas dia santai je. Do contact her yeah.

Xuriana said...


i never know abt the fake strollers! that's a new info for me, hehe.

Hampshire Mummy said...

I did the reverse!

I fed my son EBM first then at 44 days onwards, he fed directly. Reason? His mouth was so tiny it could hardly take in the whole aerola/nipple.

Wishing you all the best with expressing.

Note: Fenugreek = halba (really affordable from the organic grocers!) No need to pay a fortune from GNC and such :p

the ectopy said...

Mrs ARK:

I would really love to attend the class tapi tak boleh lah...Mula kerja 6hb, and I don't live in KL/ Selangor, so susahlah nak book flight sekarang kan, last minute sangat...But I do hope anybody yang attend the class will share useful info.


Tak sangka kan ade fake stroller? I was browsing for a Bugaboo, pastu terjumpa orang yang jual murah, macam too good to be true. Then I emailed her, dia cakap brand new with warranty. Lagilah I jadi suspicious kan...Then I dug more info, rupanya memang ada yang kena tipu! And the Bugaboo company pun ada bagi warning yang even though the fake ones come with serial numbers (copy sampai serial numbers!) tapi somehow tak boleh nak register betul betul sebab takde nama official distributor. Oh, and the fake strollers tu ada macam macam brand pulak tu.

Hampshire Mummy:

Yeah, I know it's halba, boleh beli dekat Tesco and blend. But I don't know how much should I take lah...Takut overdose pulak. Hehe.
Anyway, I don't think it helps me. I've stopped taking it. I think the constant pumping really make a difference, and this is from my personal experience. :)