Saturday, October 12, 2013

1) Fuh, penat I. Baby is finally asleep. Dah dua malam berturut-turut we couldn't get our beauty sleep, hourly interruption. Don't know why, we didn't change his routine pun. But somehow he is more clingy than ever. Hopefully, tonight will return to normal, where at least he will 3 to 4 hours straight.

Luckily, I am quite used to staying up and staying late. Tapi tetap penatlah. Especially when my husband is sleeping too. No fair! But what can he do? My baby wants my breasts constantly, my husband ain't have any, so he gets to rest lah.

Tonight, I rasa, kesian my baby. He's so young but I already expects him to have a routine. Sometimes, I rasa rimas lah, asyik nak melekat je dengan I. But come on, he is still a baby!

And when he's having trouble sleeping, I feel like, I'm his mom but I don't know how to help him! Kesian sangat...

Dulu,, bercita cita besar, didn't want to introduce buaian or pacifier. Now that I know he needs a nipple to soothe him, I belilah pacifier for him, tapi dia reject.

Macam mana nak tinggal ni!!! (Tapi deep down, happy because he prefers mine, haha)


Me: Abang, terer tak I hari ni?
Husband: Terer...
Me: Kenapa I terer?
Husband: Sebab you masak...
Me: Sebab I sapu rumah, lipat baju, masak, basuh pinggan and jaga baby. I am supermom!!!

3) I was browsing Facebook and read a friend's status checking in at a First Class Lounge, travelling to Europe.

I thought she hit the jackpot by marrying her husband, considering that she used to live in rumah papan.

Me: Abang, meh sini tengok Suraya. Dia pergi Europe, naik first class...Bertuah betul dia, kahwin orang kaya!
Husband: Macam Abang lah, bertuah dapat kahwin dengan you...Hihihi...

Awww, sweetlah pulak husband I ni cakap he's lucky to have me.
I'm lucky to have you, too...

4) Hari tu, I cooked ayam goreng. I kan tak suka terpercik percik ni. Hot oil is painful! Memang fobia habis...

So, I wore this...
But on my arms instead lah. Plus a tong.
My husband was carrying my son,
Husband: Baby KR, apalah mak kamu ni, masak ayam siap pakai sarung tangan.
Me: Ni leg warmers lah...Tapi I pakai dekat tangan.
Husband: Penakut betul mama awak ni...Masak pun takut!
Me: Ye lah, sakitlah!
Husband: Apalah mama awak ni...! Penakut!
Me: Bukanlah! I ni genius tau. In fact, I rasa benda ni patut dicipta dan dijual di kedai-kedai untuk orang-orang macam I! Mesti laku!
5) My friend, a doctor, was complaining about another doctor whose English so bad...
Friend 1 (the doctor): Urgh! I hate her. And she keeps requesting stupid things. The whole department calls her Lee Annoying. So rude, and her grammar sucks.
Friend 2 and I: Describe lah...Show us examples.
The doctor: Like, "Eh, you Dr. Chong ah? I got patient lah. Very urgent lor. Can help meh?" You know, a lot of unnecessary Lah, Meh, Lor, Wan, in every sentence! Like penjual ikan!
Friend 2 and I: Hahahaha! Our English is not perfect but this is so funny. Penjual ikan?
The doctor: Very pasal malam type. And my boss always gets so stressed with her English! I'd be stressed too, calling me at 3 in the morning trying to sell fish!
Just sharing this coz I find the conversation is funny. Love my friends! Benda macam ni pun nak cerita dekat kitorang.
Can't imagine a doctor trying to sell fish, hahahaha! How professional.

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blu4sky said...

hi ectopy,
I guna deep pot bila nak goreng ayam.. after masukkan ayam dalam pot, then cover with lid.. kurang sket minyak tu nak merecik keluar..
horror bila bab-bab mengoreng sebab pernah minyak terpercik kena dekat ngan mata..