Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Last week, I was busy completing my projects, with supposedly 4 people in the team. I did probably 95% of the work, the other two disappeared, the other one was there mostly for moral support. I can't blame her, she didn't know what to do although she really wanted to contribute.

The staff and I were in a room, printing out what was necessary.

Staff: Miss*, Miss dah berapa lama kerja sebagai Jawatan X?
Me: Saya dah kerja X tahun.
Staff: Miss dulu kerja mana?
Me: Saya dulu kerja dekat Tempat X.
Staff: Miss dulu study dekat mana?
Me: Saya study dekat Universiti X.

Staff: Oohh...Patutlah...
Me: Patutlah apa?
Staff: Patutlah Miss nampak confident je...
Me: Confident macam mana? Confident masa present project ni? (A few days before, someone commented that I was confident when speaking)
Staff: Confident lah. Cara Miss buat kerja pun lain. Saya puji, baguslah...

I remember this conversation because she indicated that I am 'confident' and competent in my work because I graduated from a particular university, although it is not necessarily a good one.

I beg to differ. To me, it all depends on the attitude. I don't care where you graduated from, but I admit, I always have a first impression. But my impressions can be easily changed once I know how they function.

That's why, since the first day I stepped into the profession world, I always avoid from telling people where I graduated from and I reciprocate by avoiding asking them where they graduated from.

Sometimes, I fear that I may not be up to their expectations. I've seen it before, how a junior of mine was ridiculed because she is supposedly from a good university, but she is somewhat dumb and slow.

Also, I personally know a few people from my so-called good university (and others), but they are actually such an embarassment to my alma mater.

Anyway...Yes, I initially intended to write further on this: Where you studied don't really matter, as long as you know what you are doing and you do it good.

However, I've been on the Internet for the past few days, doing a research for my career development.

My perception has been overturned. :(

In my profession, it does matter, it STILL matters, even after YEARS of leaving the campus life! And it's frustrating to find out about this. I am one of the lucky ones. At least I have the options to go internationally.

Lets face it, the world is becoming more and more competitive. To survive, you need to have a good foundation.

I hope Malaysia will do more to make our certificates to be recognised internationally. Kesian lah I tengok orang ambil exam banyak-banyak, in the end tak ada kerja. If the papers are recognized internationally, at least we can cari makan in other places.

It's so confusing. If I sit for that UK paper, I won't be able to work in Malaysia. I can work in UK, but that requires bla bla bla. If I sit for this Malaysian paper, there are thousands of people competing for it, Malaysia does not cater enough. Even if I pass this paper, doesn't necessarily means I can get whatever job I want so easily in Malaysia, because dah ramai orang dah!
Why can't they make it all the same. If you are qualified, you can go anywhere!

Macam mana nak hidup!

Thank God I have my certificate. And you used to tell me, eh, it is JUST a piece of paper, people will look pass it once you start working.


Sudah-sudah jadi surirumah berjaya. Tapi husband tak kaya lah...Tsk.

Kena study benda lain lah zaman sekarang ni. Benda yang betul-betul in demand in the next 5-10 years. What's that?

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