Friday, July 20, 2012


I got number 2.

One of my first responses were, "WTF. Why can't I ever win a lucky draw instead?"

So, automatically, we are going to the next level.

Malas nak layan.


I think I've added another person to my hate list. My lady boss.

OMG. Today, she purposely humiliated me AGAIN. The irony thing is, she did that after she gave a short speech, "Saya ingin memohon maaf sebelum bulan puasa ni...Kalau ada terasa hati ke...Bukan saja salah sebelum ini, tapi juga salah selepas ini..."

She's such a fake kan!

I forgave her once or twice before. I seriously don't understand why she likes to target on me! Like, I have tried all my best to avoid her. She really has no reason to do that. What is your fucking problem, woman?!

After that, I called my husband, I was just this close to break down. I hate working here. I hate living here. I want to move away far from here. I'll show her one day. I'll show everyone one day.

I read this week's Postsecret. There's one secret telling about how he imagined murdering all his wife's ex-boyfriends. I thought that was sick. How could you wish death upon a person?

I came home, thinking about what happened this morning, and I imagined killing her. I imagined her die. That's when I realize how much I hate my lady boss.

Yes, I possess the sick thought of killing the person I really hate. Then, I thought again, I did have those imaginations before. When I hated other people before this. It's just that, I haven't hated anybody in a really long time that I forgot.

I hate her. I am going to leave this place. Then, I'll become famous and let her know. I won't ever talk to her, or even acknowledge her. I will have this grudge until the day I die. And I don't think I will ever forgive her. Let God asks me, and I will tell Him how I am really hurt by her.

Semoga Tuhan membalas dengan nikmat pada diri saya.

At this instance, I wish I am back at a shooting range and release hundreds of gunshots! I remember how good I felt afterward. Did you know I am an accurate shooter? Once, there were bottles tied to strings, and I was able to shoot the strings, multiple times, consecutively, even strangers clapped for me.

I wish I could blow up her head.

You must be thinking I am so sick. But that's the truth.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry babe..I also always got the feeling to kill one of my colleague..Itu normal :-)

She's the real bitch among the bitches in the office!! She always pretend to be innocent all the time and she covered her bad and sick attitudes dengan bajet dia lawa..

Aiyohhh...she will be the only face that I'll put at my target if I kat shooting range..

Mak Piah said...

If u r sick thinking murder for certain people, then I am one too.

The thing is, prison is not worth it. Nanti kene spank dalam prison..takutlah.

x MP

the ectopy said...

hehe, thank you. everybody has the urge to kill, i guess, but not everybody has the guts to do it. because those who have the guts, are really crazy and evil, yo!