Friday, January 13, 2012

Kesian kucing I. The last time I saw her, she was fat and healthy.

Me: Why is she so thin?

Niece: Auntie Ectopy tak tahu ke dia kena kidnap?

Me: Bila pula dia kena kidnap?

Niece: Ada satu hari tu, dia hilang tiga hari. Lepas tiga hari, dia balik rumah. Takut dengan orang...

Me: Yeke? Lepas tu jadi kurus?

Niece: Ha ah. Memang kurus. Lepas tu, seminggu dia tak nak makan. Nampak orang je terus lari.

Me: Ala, dia okay je dengan I...

Niece: Tu sebab orang dah sayang-sayang dia...Dia dah belajar manja-manja balik!

Some people can be so mean! If you saw something you like so much, the least you could do is to take care of that thing!

Even an animal can be traumatised. Apatah lagi manusia.

I have said this many times before, but I am going to mention it again, I am still traumatised by motorcyclists.

I no longer put my gear at N (Neutral) when the traffic lights turn red, especially when I am at the front with the motorcyclists surrounding me. I even become suspicious towards the security guard who walked behind me when I am walking to my car at the parking lots. I am extra cautious nowadays and I kinda like and hate it at the same time.

I like it because people can't mess with or I'd give them my flying kick. I hate it because I've become quite jumpy.


One day, I was rushing to finish my work. I ended up working extra hours.

Me: Abang, I rasa I workaholic.

Husband: Kenapa?

Me: Sebab walaupun I penat, walaupun I banyak kerja, walaupun I sepatutnya kena balik awal, tapi I habiskan juga kerja I. And I rasa puas sebab dapat habiskan kerja tu. Kalau tak ada kerja, I jadi boring pula.

Husband: I faham apa yang you rasa. I pun suka kerja I juga. Biarlah tak banyak duit pun. Tapi I happy.

If we think about it, there's actually nothing to love about my job. Long hours and I deal with quite a lot of shit.

But then again, this is the job that taught me about life.

It has been long since I feel good about myself. This job, this is something I am really good at. I am glad.


I know a politician who has 13 children.

5 of them are drug addicts.

True story.

I can't understand how people can idolize him or vote for his party. If I were the leader of the party, I won't even consider him to be my secretary.

Come on, you can't even control your own family and you want to protect the Rakyat's rights?

If you are that responsible, why don't you send your problematic children to get the proper help instead of just feeding them away?

Sure, iman tak dapat diwarisi, we all have black sheeps and bad apples in the family, you are not all to be blamed for your chidlren's bad behaviours, but five of them? Really? There has to be something wrong with you as well.

Paling tak tahan tu, one of the sons sibuk nak saman orang. Konon nak menegakkan keadilan, nak guna mahkamah lah, patutnya kitorang yang guna mahkamah sumbat adik-beradik kau tu masuk jail. Tak malu betul!

Speaking about people who encourage addicts...There this one Dato' whose son is now has gone cuckoo after overdosing God-knows-what-drugs.

Sometimes, this son of his got away from the house and acting all weird, scaring the people at that neighbourhood. Not only he is acting weird, he is dangerous too! Sometimes, he carries an axe or a dagger, and stopping passer-bys and harassing them. Crazy!

Dato' ni pun bodoh ke apa, first, he denies the crazy man lives at his house. Then, he bribes people to keep their mouths shut. When the victims want to make a police report, he tells them, "Awak cakaplah awak nampak satu lembaga...Kalau awak cakap awak nampak orang, saya tak nak bayar!" Laaa, if the lembaga was not your son, why would you want to pay in the first place!

If I were the victim and he said something like that to me, I'd go ballistic. Or...I'll ask for a large amount of money. Haha. Nak bribe I pun, bagilah ribu-ribu...Dah awak tu Dato' yang sayangkan anak kan...

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