Monday, January 9, 2012

The Hajj will always be significant in my life. It the one big event that Father went to before he passed away. During his funeral, my aunt said to me, "I am sad. But I am also very, very happy sebab dia pergi bersih lepas Haji."

My other aunt and uncle went for Hajj recently. Back from Mekah, the couple visited Mother. My uncle swears to God he saw Father in Masjidil Haram.

According to him, he wanted to say Hi but Father was praying. So, my uncle prayed right next to him. Just as he was about to finish his prayers, after the last sujud, Father disappeared.

My uncle said he wouldn't lie because, "Orang baru balik Haji, tak akan lah nak menipu!"

It's probably some pelanduk dua serupa. I don't care, one day, when I get to perform Hajj, I wish I could see the sight of someone who looks like Father, peacefully praying there.



I am back at Mother's house for a few days. I like it when everybody gathers here, especially my nieces.

When they saw my husband, let's address him as Uncle Ectopac, they immediately got all excited. They would scream and make him their horse. My husband ni pulak jenis yang melayan, ais krim, playground, zoo, habis...!

After a long drive, naturally my husband would get tired. But he just can't say "No" to the children. He asked me to take over the kids, I was too tired myself, I told him to pretend to sleep and not to react and the kids would take the hint and leave us alone.

But, my husband stubbornly submitted himself to the children. "Kesian diorang boring..." he gave his excuse.

Niece: Uncle Ectopac! Nak tengok tiger!
Husband: Pergilah ajak Mama and Papa...
Niece: Mama and Papa tak nak pergi. Mama and Papa nak kerja je...

Words coming out from a three-year-old. Patutlah husband I kesian.


My husband received a call from a distant relative.

He told my husband that his son-in-law, a doctor, was being accused of molesting one of his patients.

Me: Why would he tell you that?
Husband: I don't know.

Anyway, basically, his son-in-law was examining the patient. He was supposed to have a chaperon, but this doctor was too nice to wake the nurses up.

Me: OMG.
Husband: Tu lah! Baik tak kena tempat.

My husband asked who the 'victim' was and he said a Malay girl.

The point is, I pity that young doctor. Kau tu baik sangat...Lain kali kejut je lah nurse yang tidur tu, memang dah kerja dia. Jangan biar orang pijak kepala kita. Secondly, bersabar je lah dengan dugaan...Thirdly, perlukah kau bagitau bapa mertua kau pasal ni sampai bapa mertua kau telefon orang yang setakat bau-bau bacang dengan dia?


I am sure your superiors can tell which accusation is true and which is false. Don't worry, Doctor.


One night, after a nice dinner, my husband and I were browsing the local radio channels in the car. I stopped when I heard this song

I loved this song, I memorize the lyrics. So, when I heard it was playing on the radio, I pun nak karaoke lah...

The problem is, it was a weekend night, so it was a remix, the song was cut short.

I was unsatisfied and got angry, I instantly switched off the radio and started to sing myself! (Ye lah, orang tengah syok-syok menyanyi...)

My husband thought it was funny of me. "Marah dekat radio, lepas tu nyanyi sendiri...Hahaha...Apalah isteri abang ni..."

Okay, I never behaved in such way, but I guess I really wanted to sing.

So, I continued singing for two minutes. Once I finished, I pretended that I was in a concert and people adored me, so I shouted, "Yeay! Woohoo! Phewwwiiitt!" and my husband joined in by clapping and cheering along the imaginary crowd.


It was a funny scene in the car.

My husband always says that I make him look silly. For some reason, he would just go with whatever I say, even though, in actual, jangan haraplah dia nak buat.