Wednesday, December 24, 2008

who, jamak? bugis?

When I was 14, we were required to do a History folio. We needed to choose a prominent figure in the family and write about him/ her.

Nobody in my family could be considered as a 'tokoh' (or so I thought), so I asked Mother for her help. She suggested for me to write about an uncle of mine (who no longer is because he and my aunt are divorced now) who seemed to be the most successful among all.

So, I wrote about him. On the day I submitted my project, I noticed that many of my fellow friends had written about their fathers instead. Without anyone noticing, I felt embarassed by my shallow thinking.

-You see, most of my friends are anak somebody or cucu somebody, that's why I thought I must write about 'somebody'-

The teacher must have thought I have no respect towards Father. Sigh. I am still embarassed.

Anyway, for future references (I wish I was there at the event collecting information myself):

I'm imagining how my kids will come to me for help for their History projects and I would take The Jamak Family and Taib Andak--In a Class 0f His Own from my mini library: Dear, read this. Don't disturb Mommy.


P/S: My boyfriend is intimidated by this. Tsk. Like I know those people! I'm sure those prominent figures won't come to my wedding because my nuclear family is a bit anti-social. Don't worry lah...

P/S2: Eiii...I hope this post won't sound berlagak about my ancestors. I am Anon-phobic and Piahzadoralagi-phobic. I am simply proud. If my intention was to berlagak, I would have told my friends about it and you would have known who I was in the first place. Fear me, fear me, you commoners! (The previous sentence is a sarcasm, in case some of you didn't get it.)

P/S3: Okay, this is kinda creepy since this is the first time I have narrowed down who I really am. To make myself feel better, I am one of the 2000 living descendants of this guy, Jamak, half of them are men, so I am one of 1000, half of them are the elderly and the children, so I am one in 500, half of them attended the gathering, so I am one in 250. Gulp.

Actually, my calculations are incorrect since some of the subsets do intersect with each other. Okay, now I feel better! I think I am one in 750, yeay!


Weed and Bandages said...

at least ada number juga bila di akhir congak.


ectopy said...

tu pun memang langsung tak tepat!

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