Friday, July 13, 2018

So...I was upset today. Mainly because I had many things to do at work, plus, I was in charge of the department jamuan Hari Raya, which means extra work with no extra pay...

I was supposed to finish early to join the set-up team, but I just couldn't leave, it didn't feel right. But, at the same time, other people who are not in the committee left early and started the ceremony. By the time I arrived, they were already eating!

I repeatedly told myself to just let it go, or my pahala ikhlas will be gone (I think they are already gone by now :( )

Anyway, it was obvious I was in a foul mood, I finished my meal and left without socializing. They realized I wasn't there when they wanted to take pictures, but I just needed some time for myself.

Because I was upset, I started to scold my husband because we haven't seen each other for 3 weeks. I only sent 3 sentences. He didn't reply me because I think he knew I was mad.

I was getting ready to go back, when I realized, I had misplaced my carkey. I searched for it for almost an hour, went to multiple locations, ransacked my bag for at least 4 times and finally contemplating to go hail a Grab Car when I saw a missed call from my husband.

Turned out he had arrived home with my kids. I told him to come and get me. I sat in the surau, again, emptying my bag, then, I found my key!

Rupa-rupanya bag I koyak and dia termasuk dalam lining of the bag. Haish...Walked 7400 steps today, okay!

Maybe it was a punishment from God. For being mad at my husband. And when I talked to him, terus jumpa kunci tu...

So, that's the story of today, how God loves me and is watching over me and sending me messages. How can I not believe in Him and in everything He has planned for me...I wish I was a better person.

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Saya said...

I always can relate to ur stories