Thursday, April 13, 2017

I am seriously convinced my firstborn is what we call- a high-need child.

It is so tiring to layan his kerenah, special in his own way...

He stubbornly refuses to go poo in the toilet still, and wants his diapers.

The other day, there were guests in our house and he pooped.

Problem is- he refused to be washed.

He cried and cried and I was so patient with him.
I didn't want to yell because the guests might hear.
I also didn't want him to continue screaming because the guests might think: what kind of mother who lets her child scream and cry.

So, I dragged him quietly, pinched him, gave him my stern, serious face, and whispered loudly that I will wash him and please stop crying.

After that, he continued to cry...Oh, my, my son can really cry for hours, I tell you...And with my daughter who also didn't want to share attention and cries whenever I am out if her sight (she's at that age now)...

Anyway, at least he was all clean now, so I closed the door. I laid down and...I pretended to pass out.
Yep, just I ignored everybody.

After a few minutes, I thought my son would panic. Or, you know, I expected him to try save me, like the viral videos about kids who saved their parents...

But, he just went, "Mommy! Mommy! Mommmyyyyy!!!" and he shook me a bit...

Then, he fell asleep.
My daughter just continued to breastfeed.


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