Monday, May 15, 2017

I love my children and I tell them I sayang them all the time, but I'm not really the type who ask them back- Do you love Mommy?
My husband is that type. So he got all the love (verbally) from my son, especially, since he's the only who can talk among the two, and as everybody knows, they have this special bond. So, whenever Daddy is around, Mommy can't go near, cannot kacau, can't even talk to Daddy because my son adores him so much, I'm considered the third wheeler.

Daddy enjoys this very much, of course. He feels special. I am there for my son on most days, but when he comes home, it is 'Mommy, go away!'

Today, just for fun, I asked my son, "Sayang Daddy ke Mommy?"
Wow! This is something new. A progress. In fact, I am gonna treat this like the best Mother's Day gift ever!

Before I put him to sleep, I asked, "Suka Mak Su ke, suka Mama Na (both are his aunts)?"
And he said, "Suka Mommy lah!"
Oh, my heart melted. Second strike!

Didn't expect that kind of answer at all, so I said, "Thank you."


Last week, we were getting ready to go out. I put on my lipstick and checked myself in the mirror.

Me: Abang K, Mommy cantik tak?
Son: Tak cantik!
Husband: Haha! Daddy?
Son: Daddy cantik.
Me: Daddy tu tak cantik. Daddy tu hitam!
Son: Daddy hitam tapi cantik!
Husband: Hahaha!

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The Tea Drinker said...

kids doesnt need much to melt people's heart. :D