Saturday, April 1, 2017

My daughter just turned one and she is so cute!

She is small, unlike her big brother when he was at that age...
But, my daughter is so clever.

Before she hit one, she was already shaking and nodding her head appropriately.

It's so easy now because she could understand me and I could simply ask her what she wants.

Sometimes, I am talking to my son, but she will be answering me too.
Comel sangat!
Dahlah suka joget pula tu.

Me: Abang K, lapar tak? Nak makan?
Baby H nods her head.
Me: Baby H, I am talking to Abang K, not you!

So cute, she's like a doll...Dahlah rambut masih halus je...
And she is already walking like a pro.
Very playful too...

I remember when she was 8 months old, she was fussy during her bedtime. Until I had enough and scolded her. Like a teenager, she kept quiet and pretended to close her eyes until she really fell asleep. No need Mommy to pat her butt.
Tau pun takut bila Mommy mengamuk...

I should take her photos more often lah.

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