Friday, February 7, 2014

My niece is 5 years old but her parents teach her how important exams are, which makes Mother so annoyed.

Mother: Mengada-ngada abang kamu tu! Budak tu kecik lagi...Dia suruh belajarlah, bagi homework lah...
Me: Baguslah dia pentingkan pelajaran...
Mother: Alah, budak-budak kena main...Ada ke patut dia cakap, kalau dapat semua A baru boleh pergi Legoland.
Me: Tadika pun ada exam ke? Exam colouring kot...Kalau colour cantik, dapat A!


Niece Ana: Auntie Ectopy! Uncle Ectopy! Bila besar, Ana nak jadi doctor! Sebab masa exam hari tu, Ana dapat semua A...!
Husband: Hahaha...Oh, ye ke? Ana dapat semua A?
Niece Ana: Ye...Semua A! Papa kata papa nak bawa Ana pergi Legoland!

Me: What about you, Yaya? What do you want to be when you grow up?
Niece Yaya: I want to be a princess.


(Ana and Yaya are both 5 years old.)


One fine day, my husband, my son, my niece Ana, and I went out to a shopping mall.

We went to the kids section, and Ana was excited to see all the Hello Kitty.

Ana stopped, her eyes were big, and she shrieked, "Hello Kitty!"

Ana is a shy kid. She pulled my hand, "Can we go see that? That? That?"

I said, "Okay. Abang, can you bring them see that?" I wanted some time alone to look for clothes for my son.

My husband brought them to look at the toys.

Once I was done with shopping, I went to them.

Husband: Macam ni kot kalau ada anak perempuan.
Me: Kenapa?
Husband: Nak Hello Kitty lah, nak teddy bear lah, nak mainan make up lah...Semua benda pink!


Then, Ana stopped us again when we walked by Furby.

Ana: Ana nak Furby! Uncle Ectopy, Ana nak Furby!
Husband: Apa benda ni?


Apparently, my cousin's daughter has been asking her for a Furby too. She wrote about it on Facebook. One of my cousin's friends replied, "I have one, I bought it for myself!"
This new Furby is appealing to adults too, I guess.


On the way back, Ana fell asleep. Once we reached Mother's house, she was still sleeping. Slowly, my husband lifted her up, trying not to wake her up, but she woke up anyway.

"Uncle Ectopy," she said suddenly, still feeling dazed, "Ana nak jadi doctor..."

Haha! Sempat lagi mengigau nak jadi doctor!

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