Monday, August 26, 2013

Bukan cerita baby, tapi cerita biasa biasa over the last few weeks...

1) A friend posted on Facebook that she was told: It's best to berbuat baik dengan kanak-kanak because they generally have the purest hearts, hence if they are happy with you, their prayers for you are mostly makbul.

2) Niece: Auntie Ectopy white. Uncle Ectopy black. Husband: Hahaha... Me: What about you? Niece: I am peach!

Niece: Auntie Ectopy, look, my eyes are blue! Me: Hah, ye lah tu...(Malas nak layan budak perasan ni, haha)

Amboi...Dia punya colour yang cantik cantik je...

3) When I was pregnant, I dreamt my husband had an affair with a girl named Sakinah.

Ni mesti sebab terlalu terkesan dengan cerita Ashraf Muslim-Dayana-Sakinah tu kan...

4) I also dreamt that I met my great grandmother who was loved dearly by Father. She raised Father and was a kind lady.

Her last years of living were spent at our house.

As a kid, I could not adjust well and thought of her as an intruder. I was rude to her because she always wanted to touch me with her wrinkly hands.

That is one of my biggest regrets in life.

I knew I should not be too hard on myself, I was only a kid. But I always feel guilty, as I don't know whether she had forgiven me.

I haven't dreamt about her in a very, very, very long time.

In the dream, she looked happy and she talked to me as if I've never wronged her.

I woke up happy.

5) Father also appeared in my dream.

We hugged.

I am so grateful to be given the chances to meet them in Ramadhan.

6) I am happier whenever I dream about being in my old house. It contains so much memories...

7) After I returned from the hospital, my husband and I had lunch together. We were still overwhelmed by the fact that we now have a baby.

My husband suddenly said, "Comel kan baby...I tak faham macam mana ada orang sanggup tak sayang, tak kesian dekat baby."

I told him that I had the exact same thoughts!

Husband: Sebab tu I tak boleh maafkan ayah I bagi I dekat orang. Sanggup dia suruh orang lain bela I. Sampai hati dia bagi I pada orang.

Me: (Don't know how to respond to that, so I was quiet)

Husband: I marah sangat. I tak nak jumpa ayah I. I pernah jumpa dia sekali je, lepas tu dia meninggal dunia. Dia pun tak pernah nak jumpa I. Dia malu kot...

Mak (kandung) pun malu juga kot dengan I. Sejak akhir akhir ni je I start jumpa dia.

Sebab tu I lebih sayang Ma (angkat) berbanding dengan Mak (kandung). Padahal kalau dari segi hukum, I sepatutnya dahulukan Mak (kandung).

Dahlah I baru lepas bersalin masa tu, of course lah I rasa sebak sangat after listening to my husband's revelations.

I wanted to tell him to not hold grudges. There must be a valid reason. Perhaps, they didn't want to give him away, but they did it out of mercy, because Ma (angkat) did not have a child yet then.

In which, there are hikmahs. At least my husband is sufficiently educated. And circumstances brought him to our first encounter, where he fell in love with me at first sight. (I still don't know how love at first sight is even possible, I mean, you just looked at me, we had a very, very brief conversation, and you knew I was the one? I am skeptic)

I thought dah tua tua ni my husband can finally let go. Tapi ni dah macam childhood trauma. He still feels like he's unwanted and not loved. Sigh.

8) I wore a long skirt to the clinic, carrying my baby, as we were advised by the nurses to check for baby's jaundice level.

Husband: You nampak tua dah sejak ada baby ni. Nampak matang.

Me: Mana ada...I masih hot okay!

Then, my name was called to the reception counter.

Husband: (Suddenly laughs) Bontot you besarlah sejak bersalin ni! Hahaha!

Sejak hari tu, hari hari mesti tengok bontot dekat cermin lepas mandi. I have to admit, memang besar, tapi tetap malas pakai bengkung tu...Hehe...

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