Friday, August 23, 2013

Baby Part 1

There are a lot of things to write but I only have two hours, that's including the distractions from online shopping, baby, Facebook and others...So, there will be many many parts, in the span of...I can't give an estimation, we'll see, I can't say...
Anyway, so as you all probably have expected, I've given birth to a baby boy. Healthy? I think so. At first, they detected some heart problems, but he was discharged on the same day itself by the Paediatric team. Yesterday, at ten-day old, he was suspected to have jaundice. I knew he looked fine (I look at him every single day, no skin colour changes whatsoever), I even make him sleep under the fluorescent lights every single night as a caution, but...I took him to the doctor anyway, Mother insisted. Besides, I needed an excuse to get out from the house, hehehe...Wheee...So, yeah, he was NOWHERE near to jaundice, his level was way, way below the jaundice level. Nurses were wrong, my son memang berkulit kuning langsat!
But, bad Mommy because I made my baby got a needle prick for blood taking despite me knowing he was not yellow. Boohoo...I am so sorry, Darling! Good baby, however, he slept through and didn't make a sound...Mommy is so proud...
So, yeah, I would say my son is pretty healthy and strong.
My labour story is pretty easy, will come to that later, if I still have the mood.
And remember how I complained and whined about waiting to deliver? Well, there's a story to that too.
So far, I am hating the confinement. Because I don't believe in some the things they say, which I find ridiculous!
Well, baby is up! Continue later.


Anonymous said...


Tahniah kak..
Comelnya dia..
Nama diberi??


Anonymous said...

alhamdulillah.. congrats ms. ectopy.


Anonymous said...


SL said...

Congratulations!!! You made it!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Tahniah kak. :)
- Merah

miss complicated said...

Congratulations ectopy n hubby!

Anonymous said...

Way congrats! :)

ectopy said...

thank you for the wishes. :)

unfortunately, I can only refer my baby as baby KR. he is named after an islamic scholar, a mathematician and an astronomer, shouldnt be hard to figure out but, in the name of identity protection... thank you again, will update soon

cacah said...

Comelnya, and yes! he looks healthy!
Hugs to you and baby KR!

Take care!

Miss Lili@ said...

congrats you! selamat berpantang and enjoy motherhood! :)

Lady Mira said...

congrats ectopy. eagerly waiting for your baby updates and delivery story