Friday, March 15, 2013

Somebody posted on Facebook:

"An average human can stand 45unit of pain. But during labour, a woman must endure 57unit of pain. That's like 20 bones are broken at the same time."

Nooooooo! Why must you tell me this! I don't need to know! Now, my mind has 90% made up- I am so gonnan use epidural.

I've never had a broken bone before, but I know how painful it is! Urgh, I can feel it even just by looking at someone suffering from it. Apatah lagi going through it myself...!

Nowadays, I mostly eat the food provided at my workplace. This is a combination of laziness to walk to the cafe and the not-so appealing choices of food sold in the cafe. Okay, so, the food served for free at my workplace is not exactly appetizing either, but at least I don't need to pay for something I don't like.

So, this staff of mine somehow always see me eating the free food. She said, "Saya seronok tengok Miss Ectopy berselera nak makan. Tak macam tengah mengandung pun. Ada orang tu, kalau mengandung, mesti cerewet..."

I went on telling her that I don't really have cravings and my husband is lucky to have a not-so-demanding wife.

And then, she said if I went through a smooth pregnancy, it is likely I will have a painful labour. That's just how it is. Say whattt!!!

Before this, I already knew I was not popular among my staffs. I don't ask them personal questions, and they don't do small talks with me. I don't have any problem with that, because I think I practice professionalism. When I meet them outside of work, I acknowledge them, but I don't go wave and stop and talk to them, especially to the guys. I have enough guy friends, the least I can do is 'menjaga pandangan' lah. Haha, this is just me and concious lah okay. Karang I over friendly dengan semua orang, nanti orang cakap I ni tak pandai jaga laki pulak.

So, anyway, because of this attitude, I was perceived as fierce, serious and unapproachable. I think it's strange, because I rarely scold people. Okay, I scold people but I don't go crazy. Like, I'd scold when necessary only. My colleague said, she once found out that a staff needed to call me for something, but she got so scared.

The truth is, my other colleagues are more garang than me! But I guess, when you are quiet, you punye aura garang tu macam overfelt. Haha. Sebab I rasa I ni bukan garang jerit jerit, tapi more of garang tapi pedas menusuk kalbu punya style.


One day, I was with my boss. Then, I called someone, and instead, I got scolded. I felt indifferent about it. But, my boss told my other colleague, "Hari tu, Ectopy call orang ni, pastu orang tu marah dia pulak. Ectopy ni, sejak mengandung, jadi lembut pulak. Saya ingat, Ectopy nak marah balik orang tu!"

I was like, "What! Boss boss kita pun ingat I ni garang sangat ke! Mana ada...!!!"

Hish, suka hatilah.


I think yesterday was the most garang I've ever been, ever ever!

My patience was really tested. I pun mengamuk lah. I had an emergency, when I called my staff for help, only a few available, the rest was missing in action, when in fact, they should be on standby all the time. Lepas tu, buat kerja lembab nak mampus! Lepas tu, when I kindly communicate in Malay, pandai-pandailah you translate to English to write the report. But nooo, the report jadi huru hara and I had to actually sit down with them and spit the words one by one. Baik I hire a secretary je lah! Seriously, macam budak tadika 5 tahun. IQ berapa lah tu agaknya...Geram sangat sangat sangat.

Today, I told my husband about it and hope noone would curse me and my baby. I really hope they realize they deserved my scoldings because seriously, their quality of work is nothing to be proud of.

And I hope words go around about my explosion last night. Don't you think you can mess with me and not give your very best when you work with me.

I sudah pun menjadi isteri yang garang tapi manja. Adakah I akan jadi mak yang garang?

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Ummu Hassan said...

When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change- Marie F. Mongan, HypnoBirthing.

Say what you want, not what you don't want- Law of Attraction.