Saturday, February 9, 2013

I've written before about my husband's habit who likes to menggesel gesel his legs against mine to sleep. Now, I know sometimes he does it unconciously, thinking I am some kind of bolster. Tapi memang ngilu bila tulang sama tulang bergesel okay.

One night, instead of menggesel, he menghempas hempas his legs on my legs. It was painful! So, I annoyingly scolded him, "Abang! Sakit!"

The next morning, he sent me to work. Yeah, I don't go to work by myself anymore, dasar manja pemalas guna alasan pregnant...Anyway, I was in the car and I asked him, "Kenapa you hempas hempas kaki you malam tadi? Sakit tau!"

"Actually, Abang mimpi Abang tengah lemas..."


Then, I thought about it, he did look like he was drowning! Gaya terkapai kapai di tengah lautan. No wonder his legs and arms were flying everywhere!

Sort of like this, but with eyes closed, body flat on the bed:

Many think the above video is cute and funny.

I did, at first, but it got scary.

What the hell is in this song that make this kid go crazy!

He was hypnotized, possessed, like some kind of mind control going on...Someone should study this and produce a research paper.

I am never familiarising my baby with this song!

Speaking of my baby, yeah, I am only 14 weeks but my bump is already showing. It's scary because I am getting big so fast, I think it must be the ice that I munched on. Tuh lah, degil tanak ikut pantang larang kan...

I thought I was over reacting, you know, overly sensitive about the size of my own body. But one day, while waiting for my husband to fetch me, my staff said, "Miss, miss! Miss pregnant ke?"

Me: Yeah, I am. Dah nampak ke?
Staff: Ye lah, dah nampak dah...Miss dah berapa bulan?
Me: Baru 3 bulan setengah. Dah lah baru first baby. Biasanya kalau first baby, sampai 6 bulan baru nampak kan...
Staff: Tak jugak...Ikut orang...

See? People do notice. Because I make it more noticeable by walking slowly like how a pregnant woman should walk.

That reminds me of the time when I was late to the airport at 13 weeks of pregnancy. With my wheely luggage, I ran, I ran to the baggage drop counter, I ran to the body scan machine, I ran to the waiting area...In high heels! Oh, my God, I ran like I wasn't pregnant, fully aware that I was pregnant and had faith in my baby that my baby is strong enough, hang in there, baby. Alhamdulillah, nothing happened. When my husband found out, he was so angry.

My staff yang tolak trolley pun dah ada spotting. So, I am very, very glad nothing happened to us.


I did my first scan at a government centre. I read a blog, the writer did the same thing. But she said the nurse even inspected her nipples and told her that she had inverted nipples.

Nobody inspected mine!

I hope I don't have inverted nipples. My nipples are pointy, like large Tic Tacs, very suitable for suckling, I hope. I mean, how would I know! I don't go around watching my friends' naked bodies, and I certainly don't watch porns!

Suddenly teringat dekat my friend. Whose sister wanted her to help shave her sister's down under. Her sister was too big and round to see anything below the belly, and too embarassed to ask her husband to shave it for her. So, her sister asked my friend instead.

But why!

Of course, I understand, you have to shave, you don't want the doctor to see a forest down there, that's disgusting, especially if it smells.

When the time comes, I will ask my husband to do it. Not my sister. No!


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The Tea Drinker said...

is that orange flavored tic tacs or the white ones?

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