Sunday, October 14, 2012

Yesterday, we went house hunting. I ni kan perempuan yang over dan mengada-ngada, so I told my husband that I want a big house! A bungalow or a semi-D. If he couldn't afford it, "I bagi you diskaun," I said. "I nak penthouse dua tingkat!"

Of course I talked like I had 4 children and my husband earned millions...

Location pulak nak yang best-best je.

Kesianlah dapat isteri demanding macam ni...

Then, we watched a movie- Universal Soldier.

I don't like, don't watch it. It reminded me of the film Saw, ganas macam tu, but at least Saw has a good plot. Universal Soldier ni macam tah apa-apa. Tembak sana sini je sampai pecah kepala.

Then I had a nightmare.

Was dreaming that I lived in a big, nice house. Went outside for a little while to get something that I left in the car. Saw a figure and knew right away something was wrong. Before doing anything heroic, mengucap dulu, (sebab takut mati) saw a gun pointed at me, so I ran. The gun was fired, then he grabbed me. I only had RM3 at that time, he was not happy. Mesti dia ingat duduk rumah besar, duit kena banyak. Shouted at my family but he got me and had the gun at my head.

Lepas tu I woke up. Ni semua pengaruh Universal Soldier lah ni!

Lepas tu sempat lagi fikir-fikir before falling asleep again, if it did really occur in the real life, I really hope I mengucap dulu before I died.

I dah habis dah main Bubble Shooter ni on my phone. Puzzle ada 99 levels, Arcade ada 99 levels. Finished them all within 3 weeks.

Memang tak ada kerja kan...

I want to tell you guys what happened after I cleared all the levels.

I felt contented, macam puas, like I had achieved a goal.
But the feeling lasted for a while only.
After that, I felt lost, like- Lepas ni buka phone nak main apa pulak! What is my purpose! I already have it all!

Have you had those kind of feelings? Can you understand me?

Then I asked my husband, "Abang, apa perasaan orang yang dah ada segala-galanya? Is this how it feels?" Macam tak best je...Like, lepas ni nak buat apa?

So, my husband answered my question, "Dalam dunia ni, tak ada orang pun yang ada segala-galanya..."

I was thinking, "What...!!! Then why do we work so hard to achieve something that we can never get!!!"

Me: Kalau macam tu, I nak kerja sampai bila? What's the point of working if I can never have it all?

And...Of course I know the answer.

Manusia ni memang tak pernah puas.
You can only feel contented, if you stop chasing the world.

Back to basic, you guys, back to the basic.

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~Beb~ said...

Lol.. Penah terfikir benda yg sama lepas tgk instagram org2 kaya.. Juling mata.. Agak2 ada lagi ke yg dia target sbb Hermes collection dia pon dah ber rak2! (@,@)