Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wedding season!

Attended three just now. One of the grooms is related to a celebrity. The celebrity brought along his girlfriend and probably friends/ cousins? They were singing live.

Husband: Tu, Kelly Clarkson tengah perform.
Me: Ni lagu Adele lah.
Husband: I tahu. Tapi badan dia macam Kelly Clarkson.
Me: Stop looking at other people's bodies! (Physically smack my husband)
Husband: Don't worry. Body you yang paling cantik. Orang gemuk, suara sedap kan?
Me: She's not fat.
Husband: Ye lah...Tapi kembang...

I wonder how my husband would treat me once I become 'kembang'...

Sebenarnya, got some more updates but I am watching TV, so no mood to write yet!

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Fabulous Me said...

LOL! Ckp dgn ur husband I gemok suara hampeh!