Saturday, March 3, 2012

My husband and I don't share the same tastebuds.

I like healthy, simple food like the sushi and salads. My husband, on the other hand, is very Malay-oriented. He likes curry and the likes.

My husband must eat rice every single day. If he didn't, he would feel weak. If he didn't, he must qada' the meal that he missed with double the rice servings!

Malay food are difficult to cook, don't you think?

But to cook alternative food is equally difficult when you are in Malaysia. I don't get to buy fresh fruits and vegetables at Tesco. And the cheeses are limited and expensive!

Anyway, yesterday, I cooked spaghetti using the Prego sauce.

My husband just got back from an 8-hour journey, so I let him rest. However, half-way into the cooking process, I found that I couldn't open the lid of the Prego sauce.

"Abang, tolong I buka ni," I asked for my husband's help.

And so, he twisted and he tapped on the lid, he even warmed it over the stove, but to no avail!

We did not have the strenght.

Alamak, I already cooked halfway!

He thought of a solution, "Abang suruh Pak Guard lah! Mesti dia orang kuat!"

He put on his t-shirt and he went down the elevator. He went to the guardhouse and he gave them the task. It was successful!

That was a funny experience. Haha.

Good thing my husband is naturally a friendly person. He says 'Hi' to almost everybody!

When we are on the road, he would honk to anybody he knows.

I always scold him because it is such a dangerous thing to do! Mother always get a jump when she hears a honk.

"Tak boleh ke you lambai-lambai je dekat kawan-kawan you tu? Kasihan dekat orang-orang tua. Terkejut dengar orang hon tiba-tiba!"

Now, he does less honking but more of blinking the headlights. Aiyo! Masih lagi nak bertegur sapa.


Someone I know has separated from the husband. It's been a while, but I only got to know about it a few weeks ago.

The ex-husband was different from the guys she used to date before him. So, I thought, he was the one for her.

My friend, Emma, however, thought it was obvious from the very beginning. Emma said, "Kelly is very rich. The ex-husband is so-so only. You tau lah, Kelly mana boleh masuk dengan orang macam tu...They are from different backgrounds. The ex-husband said Kelly brought home a guy."

"You know, for some people, it's normal to bring over your guy friends. But her ex-husband is not used to that kind of lifestyle."

"Her ex-husband is too conservative for her. Kelly is more suited with someone like...You know, the men she used to go out with. It's difficult to find a Malay man for her. That's why all her ex-boyfriends are foreigners."

Tapi tak best lah sebab awal sangat bercerai. Tak sampai dua tahun!

Please set a good example for us young couples!

(And, she did spend RM30k for her wedding dress. Oops)


Lately, I always complaint about my financial status. I thought I don't earn enough.

Then, I met a family who only received RM300 monthly from the welfare. He is 26 years old but unfit to do work because he suffers from kidney failure among other diseases. His father passed away when he was two years old and his mother is too old.

The makcik told me that most of the money goes for the transport to and fro the dialysis centre where this man is getting his treatment three times per week.

"Duit nak makan pun tak cukup..." they told me.

Kasihan gila!

Kerja mesti ikhlas. Simpan duit banyak-banyak pun buat apa.

My grandfather passed away but I don't get any. My grandmother passed away but I don't get any. Father passed away but I don't expect any!

Father, during his lifetime, saved a lot money, invested in a lot of properties, I am sure, for us, his children, so that we get to continue to live comfortably.

People say I am lucky that he left us with his legacy. Hidup senang sebab semua dah ada. The truth is, we are all grown up now and we make our own money. I can't speak for my brothers and sister, but personally, I have no intention whatsoever to inherit whatever Father had worked for.

I want to buy my own house. I want to buy my own car. I want to open my own business. I don't want to depend on my parents.

I can't deny I have some, but so far, I have not touched it because I still not consider it as mine. It feels foreign, like it doesn't belong to me.

Seriously, I don't expect anything at all.

I hope my children will have the same mentality as me. Don't expect anything from your parents when you guys have become adults.

I will save money for my children, just in case if I die when they are still young. But once they enter adulthood, bye bye, I am going to spend all my money having vacations around the world!

The only thing that I truly appreciate, is the education that Father had ensured us with.


The Shadow said...

If you dont need the money from father or grandfather, why keep harping on it? I noticed this from your previous writing.

The Shadow said...

If you dont need the money from father or grandfather, why keep harping on it? I noticed this from your previous writing