Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My husband tends to be very busy lately, hence neglecting his poor wife. This is certainly not good because I would make a fuss about it.

Yelah, kan baru kahwin, takde honeymoon pulak tu, at least pay a little bit more attention to me.

I kan his newly wedded wife, I should be his priority!

Kesian my husband.
Everytime I mention this, he would terasa hati because to him, he is not being able to give a decent honeymoon. He would say, "Tak apa, sayang. Nanti I bawa you pergi Europe. Taknaklah honeymoon dekat-dekat." I know he is trying to compensate by saying nice things I want to hear, but at the same time, I do not want to overexpect from him.

"Sayang, janganlah marah. Abang tengah nak cari duit ni. Nanti kita pergi travel sama-sama and shopping, okay," he would explain himself.

One day, I watched Tanyalah Ustazah, aired on TV9. The ustazah said, a man who is working hard to provide for his family, is considered an ibadat in God's eyes. So, do let your hearts open and allow our husbands to work.

Tak kesahlah if my husband can't give me much at this moment, as long as he is not straying around, I am good.

When I was 18 years old, there was a moment in my class which my lecturer mentioned, "If you observe a Japanese woman, she will worry if her husband comes home early. She will think that her husband is not good enough, is he being laid off, is he not responsible enough that he is not given big projects to handle? Compared to Malaysian women, who would think that their husbands are clubbing with their mistresses if they come home late."

The ustazah also touched on several other issues.

She said, if we always buy things using credit cards and we ended up always paying the credit card company late, which leads to accumulation of interests, it really does mean that we could not afford to buy the things we buy, or else we wouldn't be in debt.
So, it's better to stop shopping and cancel the credit card and becoming debt-free.

Makes sense, eh?

Also, she talked about the importance of giving out donations. Sometimes, we donated our old clothes and make it an excuse to buy more clothes to fill up the wardrobe. Niat dah salah and membazir amalan syaitan.

She reminded that there is one group that we often forget who deserve our donations. Single men and women who want to be married but is not permitted financially.

The funny thing is, my brother-in-law wants to get married. I, being the only reasonable person in my husband's family, do not agree with the idea because he doesn't have enough savings yet. To me, you must being able to be financially independent before you want to take care of somebody else's daughter!
I was very adamant about this matter. I wanted them to be like me, paying for my own wedding. I didn't want them to make a loan, neither did I let my husband to financially aid his brother.
But after listening to the ustazah, I changed my mind. Maybe it is not so bad to help couples to build mosques. Mengelak maksiat kan.


Ustazah, why are you nice and wise that I actually listen to your preach!

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Anonymous said...

Kadang2 rezeki yang kita usahakan tuh adalah utk org sekeliling kita. Cuma ALLAH swt nak menguji kita mcmane utk kite menyampaikan rezeki2 itu kpd org2 tertentu yg memerlukan.