Saturday, December 4, 2010

Message received:
"Salam, just want to share starting next month Jan 2011 all the foreign workers "maids, restaurant waiters, cleaners" will get privilage to admit at PRIVATE HOSPITAL payable by their employers insurance company. If your company provide room sharing with 2 or 4 or 6 ppl in a room and u plan to upgrade plan to SINGLE ROOM cuz don't want to share room with those kind of contact me by today..tq"

I am so annoyed when I got the message, I wish I had the nerve to tell her off. And the way she emphasized her words, siap buat capital letters lagi...Please lah!

How could you label foreign workers, the maid, the restaurant waiters and the cleaners, as 'those kind of people' as if they don't deserve to live!
What kind of mentality is this!

Hina sangat ke diorang tu sampai tak mahu share sebilik dengan diorang dalam hospital!

Well, you know what, I will never buy any insurance policy from you, Miss You-think-you-are-so-great!

I don't like it when we are treated different from each other just because of our social status. No matter how insignificant a person is, that person must have at least do some contribution to our society.

You downgrade your maids, your restaurant waiters and you cleaners, I want to see how you survive without them. Probably one of your family members will become one and I want to see how you handle it.
And you are so stupid, you have no idea how some of these foreign workers actually contribute to generate our economy, don't you?

I don't know why I am so emo about this.

Oh, yes, probably because I have been in foreign countries and I have seen how my smart friends who did odd jobs to support themselves. I have seen how some employers think we had very low IQs but for the matter of facts, we were studying to become professionals who automatically ensure us to earn way more than them!
I have seen how some employers treat us so badly but guess what, we come very good families, our parents can afford way more than our employers could, but we did what we did just because...

Humans are all the same!
And it is not so bad to share a hospital rooms with 'those kind of people'.

Karma will hunt you one day.

My friend and I were talking the other day. He was in distress because he was having some issues with a colleague. He said the only thing that held him back from committing a revenge is the advice he received from our boss.

Our boss said, "Just remember, never be a bad person. Not even to your staffs. Because you don't know, someday, your staff will become your boss. As for me, for example, I used to coach *Jenny. Now, *Jenny is working as my colleague, and she is even doing our schedule. Could you imagine what she can do to me if I was bad towards her years ago?"


Anonymous said...

I know you mean well but common be honest do you really want to be in a hospital bed next to these workers? Ectopy you sound like you come from a wealthy family & having more option in life doesn't make you better than the rest.

weed something out said...

what is wrong sharing a room with them?

i just dont get it.

manusia juga kot. sama-sama sakit juga kot.

kalau dalam sakit pun nak memilih, memang keperimanusiaan makin tipis.

qahina said...

I lived in Mont Kiara right next to Segambut Dalam area and that's like mini Bandung - littered with foreign workers. If you lived there you will definitely share grocery stores, clinics, eateries etc. I've joined the bunch of mat salleh expats who ate roti canai's made from those Indon workers right at their stalls. Like those expats, (who are definitely not confined to typical Malaysian mentality with Indons and Banglas), I know for sure that if I can live off food made from them and go back to my 1.3 million home, I can surely share rooms in a hospital bed with them. Enough said.

qahina said...

sorry if I sound bragging but I definitely cant stand people who think that being rich or having better opportunity in life equals to being ignorant. And not having an understanding at all of orang lain yang hidup susah. :) It's one point being superficially kind, but I know that you are not Ms Ectopy. Keep it up!

ectopy said...

i just read your comments, thanks for understanding!