Wednesday, October 6, 2010

These past few weeks have been crazy for me. Work pace is increasingly quicker and I am filling my time with so many activities, home has become a place for me to sleep and have showers.

As usual, my post will be about random things I have encountered and manage to remember and translate them into writings.

1) To achieve civilization, think civilized.

I was busy over the weekend, so tired but needed to come to work. I met a client who asked a lot of questions. I politely answer them, standing by the rules: Kerja kena ikhlas. Besides, my clients don't deserve my bad mood just because I had a long, tiring day.
Then, she told me about her financial problems, she said, "Suami ada masalah kewangan sikit. Hari tu, anak sakit masuk hospital, kena bayar RM200..."

RM200 sounds little to me. In fact, I just spent RM180 on a water activity on the very same day. And there I was, meeting someone who had a difficult time to even pay for her daughter medical bills.

I should do more to contribute, kan?

This reminds me of the time when I had a Mat Salleh friend. At that time, the tax salary was hiking up due to the recession. 45%-60% would be deducted from their salaries (according to professions) to cover for the country losses.

While, us, Malaysians, would have completely flipped over this matter (if it ever happened to Malaysia), my Mat Salleh friend actually was supporting his government move. According to him, the more tax deduction, the better, because he wants his countrymen to share his wealth and he understands that the tax will be used to improvise the country as a whole.

My boyfriend argues that some advanced/ Western countries can afford to become welfare countries because they are rich.

But my boyfriend and I both agree that in order to achieve a great country status, the citizens need a paradigm shift. We have to think like civilized people think.

Bukannya berfikir, "Perdana Menteri ni jahat nak makan duit rakyat."

Sebenarnya, kita sendiri yang kedekut.

If we really think far, we can actually use the money to help poor people, the people can have free education or health service or free water, don't we all want that?

And we also whine that the petrol price is expensive, why can't the government subsidize just everything, sugar, rice, petrol, cars, everything lah! 'Kerajaan ni tak pandai jaga rakyat lah...'

I think, at the moment, we are quite okay because we only have to pay RM1 per visit to see the government doctors. It is very cheap to pay RM3 per night at the hospital, meals included!

We are being discharged with MCs and free medications! And how many of us actually use this privilege to get free medications for the rest of the families (even extended ones and neighbours) even though we could afford to pay for them.

I've seen it too many times. We like free stuff, who doesn't? But when it comes to giving back, we are quite a stingy society.

Tolong jangan kolot.


Sorry for being emo up there.

I couldn't wait for the vacation I desperately need, a break from the hectic work life.

My friend, Jack, is quite weird. He's single and going out with Flora and Gina.

When I asked, which girl he likes, he said he likes Gina better.

Obvious choice, Gina is prettier.

Me: Are you bringing anybody to our vacation?
Jack: I am thinking of bringing Flora.
Me: But I thought you like Gina better.
Jack: So? Flora is a friend. Is it wrong to bring a friend to a vacation?

Men are weird. They keep sending us mixed/ wrong signals. And when we misinterpret, kita juga yang malu.



My boyfriend is getting more and more jealous as the days go by.

Since my good friend Farid came back to Malaysia, we have been really clingy. Well, not so, I am just exaggerating.
I meant, we spend a lot of time together because that's what good friends do!

I used to think my boyfriend is more jealous of Rahim. Rahim is a new friend but we are like best friends now, so that makes my boyfriend suspicious. That's understandable, but to be jealous with Farid, that's hilarious!

Now, I can proudly say I have three men in my life, my boyfriend, Farid and Rahim.
Please note that these 3 men are the people who know me THE MOST. I don't know la, somehow I open up easier with them than with girls.
I love my boyfriend the most, of course.

And I am so happy that when I introduce Farid to Rahim, they click really well!

The other day, the plan was to go shopping with Farid. So, I picked him up and decided to beraya at Rahim's house. Rahim wanted to join so he followed.

Me: Abang, I tengah shopping dengan Farid and Rahim.
Bf: You ni...Kalau kawan-kawan I tahu girlfriend I keluar dengan lelaki lain...
Me: Ala, you tau tak, I rasa macam Farid dengan Rahim tu pulak couple. I dekat women's section ni, dioang entah mana tah, tinggalkan I!


The other day pulak, Farid asked me out twice but I rejected him both times. At around 6pm, on the same day, he called again and insisted to meet, so I finally said Yes. He must have been really bored to invite me for a dinner after two rejections.

Text received: Abang nak main bola ni...
Text sent: I nak keluar ni...

Call received:
Bf: You nak keluar pergi mana ni?
Me: Keluar makan dengan Farid.
Bf: Tak bagitau I awal-awal pun...
Me: Dia baru je call ajak keluar. Lepas tu dia kata nak datang in 15 minutes.

Call ended.

Text sent:
Boleh tak I keluar ni? It's nothing lah, kan Farid tu kawan je...

Another text sent:

"You kena faham. Farid, even Rahim, are like brothers to me. You tau kan I memang tak berapa rapat dengan family. I tinggal jauh sejak kecil. So, I make my friends my family. They know me so well for so long. I sayang diorang, but I love you more because I am going to marry you. I may look like sometimes I don't care about you, but I do. I don't know how to convince you that I love you."

And that's exactly how I feel.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Ectopy!
Love to read your writings.. It makes me so tenang!! Can u believed it??

Sue@Iza said...

ectopy, sekarang ni, macam ramai yang makin selfish. memanglah ramai yang suke benda free kan tapi macam ramai yang lebih suka menerima dari memberi.

A Afiq said...

Morning Ma'am,

I am one of your avid and silent readers. Tak perasan pun boleh comment selama ini! I adore the way you lay everything out in your stories; you are one awesome story teller, Ma'am.

Girlfriend saya ada masalah yang sama. She's happily attaching herself to some other men/boys. It hurts, but I can't change the way she is, can i? :) Thank you for your last paragraph, it really felt true, simple and sad at the same time. Macam Clapton's Wonderful Tonight.

We had the talk yesterday. Everything went well. Thank you Ma'am. I hope everything will work out for you. May Allah bless you, always.

Take care Ma'am.