Tuesday, October 12, 2010

in pursue of a purse

Yeay! On a happier note, I am no longer sad, because, well, I shall not dwell on the past. I've already accepted the fact that it's simply parts and parcels of life and I am currently in the phase of mending myself back to my usual.

So, I am wondering whether we have a River Island store in Malaysia.

I thought I've seen it once, probably about two to three years ago. I remember the items were sold expensively but I can't remember the location.

I thought it was in Pavilion but when I looked through the directory, the store was nowhere to be found. I know there's none in KLCC, so, I think lah, the store is somewhere in the building opposites of KLCC. I can't recall the name of the building! Grr, it makes me so angry, even my boyfriend can't help.

I've tried to Google it but to no avail.

I am in need for a new purse. My old purse is a favourite. Why? Because it's cheap, small, unique and so pretty (superb combination, I must say)! It's a kiddy purse and I bought it for about RM25, could you believe it? However, because it is cheap, I think, the material has kinda already fallen to places.

My next one has to be small, unique and pretty, too, but not necessarily cheap. My friends, the two guys that I keep mentioning, especially the new one, keep pushing me to increase my shopping budget because he thinks I am being too cheap. Haha. I am not stingy, I am simply careful with my expenditure.

He is always like, "Ectopy, buy it! If you like it, just buy it. Don't think. You will never buy anything if you think. Ectopy, buy! Buy! I am buying more than you!"
Why can't he just offer, "If you don't buy, I'll buy it for you!" Haha, dream on...

My purse has to be small so that it can easily fit into my pocket. Sometimes, I don't like to carry my handbag just for a movie or dinner. Just my purse and mobile phone. Do you know how much stuffs they are in my handbag? It's so heavy, I tend to chuck everything in it hence the avoidance of carrying my heavy handbag every time I get the chance. So, that's why my purse has to be small and presentable.

A purse is a good investment, no?

Actually, they are not too expensive lah, probably a little over a hundred bucks, but I like it just because it is small, pretty and I know the brand is not very well recognized in Malaysia. I don't like seeing people having the same stuffs as mine. That's why I don't go ga-ga over Guess, MNG, LV and Gucci. Too many imitations and too popular that everybody wants them. (No offense, but that's just how I am)

Kalau ikutkan hati, I nak beli online je, but River Island don't ship to Malaysia! :(

Which one of the above shall I buy? Personally, I like the first one better but it's not so convenient as it can be easily stained. The second one is nice too, it is bright, happy and daring.

But first, I need to find the River Island store in Malaysia! Gah.


zie said...

Nice la .....Tell me if you manage to find the store.

An idealist that doesn't know where she's going, but is on her way said...

opposite KLCC is avenue K?

ectopy said...

I love you! Yes, the name is Avenue K. But still, why can't I google it? Stress tau kalau pergi, jumpa River Island, tapi barang pulak tak ada! AH!

An idealist that doesn't know where she's going, but is on her way said...

i think i have fallen in love with river island's purse too. Ectopy's fault!! Haha.
I doubt they have River Island in Malaysia. tapi mungkin ada store yang jual their product. i pun sekali dua je masuk Avenue K so i x pasti dia ada store x? Go check la ectopy then u inform us ;D

Anonymous said...

i rasa kat Avenue K takde.
Sorry kalau tersalah bagi info.


Moose said...

i love the first one!

Anonymous said...

i love river island as well and i guna almost 4years++. lama sgt.

maybe we have the same taste ;)


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

please write in your blog if u manage to find river island in KL.