Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I kept the event low-key. Only a few close friends know about it. And you, the readers.

It's not that I purposely want to hide my status. But I feel things can go wrong anytime, and I don't want to suffer from the consequences. You know what they say, suka suka jadi duka. That's why I don't want to be overexcited about it.

However, an observant boss saw my new bling on my finger.

"Are you engaged?" he asked, in front of my other colleagues.

Later, I found out from my colleague that it was so obvious that I was contemplating to say Yes or No because I took a long time to decide.


My answer was positive. "Just yesterday," I told him.

My boss congratulated me.

Is my boyfriend now my fiance? We are not engaged, you know. We decide to skip the engagement ceremony to save cost.

Guess what?

My parents asked for two rings.

"I ingatkan kalau tak tunang boleh save duit! Tengok-tengok parents you minta dua cincin!" he whined.

I'm happy that I'll get two!

My boyfriend is now my future husband. =)


Lollies said...

I am truly happy. :D
May Allah make it easy for all of you.

Weed and Bandages said...



Anonymous said...

congrats!!! semoga jalan menuju kebahagiaan dipermudahkan...amin.


Moose said...

dear ectopy, congrats!

hylda said...

Dear E,

Congrats on the good news!!! :D:D