Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My grandmother passed away. Al-Fatihah.

Father and Mother were supposed to be on their way balik kampung, but they postponed it to a day later since Mother was not feeling well and she didn't want to spread the infection to my grandma.

That night, Mother barged into my room and told me that her mama had gone.

I didn't know what to do.

I wasn't very close to my grandma. In fact, I am not very close to any of my family members.

I took the news really well.

She left my room and I continued whatever thing I was doing. In the end, I went to see her while she was packing.

"Macam mana boleh meninggal dunia?" I asked. As far as I knew, grandma didn't have any chronic disease, except the fact that she was just old.

"Masa tu ramai ada sebab nak pergi wedding. Dia cakap sakit. Lepas tu dia duduk, tak bangun-bangun," Mother said calmly.

"Siapa yang cakap dia meninggal? Tak panggil doktor ke? Mana tahu, entah-entah pengsan je ke..." said I, thoughtfully.

Suddenly, my Mother laughed. "Tak tahulah diorang tu!"

I didn't get why Mother and my sister started to laugh. This was serious matter! "Mana tahu, sebenarnya dia tengah coma ke...Mana boleh senang-senang je declare orang mati! Doktor pun tak boleh senang-senang declare orang mati tau."

"Ala...Siti* kan doktor...Dia tahu lah kot..." Siti* is my cousin who lives in the same hometown as my grandma.

I'm not joking weih! I wouldn't want to declare someone's dead unless I am qualified to!

Anyhow, I've spent a lot of time with my friends. I've always noticed that I go along better with the guys and the girls. The other day, I was even the only rose among five thorns (haha!) and we played three kinds of sports in one day.

It was really good. I enjoyed myself.

My colleague found out about this and I jokingly said that this was the time to enjoy my singlehood.
He said if he were my boyfriend, he would be unfortunate to get a girl like me.

So, I told my boyfriend about what my colleague thought.

Then, my boyfriend said, "I'd be jealous too. But the only reason I let you go is because I know all of your friends."

I feel blessed. To have an understanding boyfriend, to have great friends, and also to have a boyfriend who knows most of my friends and let me have my time with my friends even though my boyfriend himself rarely spends his time with me.

Haih. I love all of them. :)