Saturday, May 30, 2009


My friend and I were talking about this other guy who always invite my friend and his friends to solat jemaah. Somehow, they find it annoying.
One day, my friend confronted him and told him, "Hey, I am not that kind who solat jemaah. I pray, but I just don't solat jemaah, okay?"
After numerous rejected persistency, this guy decided to go to the mosque to achieve his desirable solat jemaah.
But, he has a problem with the car pulak dah...
So, my friend said, "Nak buat baik memanglah banyak dugaan. Kalau sabar, baru dapat pahala lebih-lebih lagi!"

Eh, yeke? I thought nak buat baik lah paling senang...

I asked my boyfriend, "Do you love me? Even though I'm ordinary? Even though I'm an average person?"
He answered 'Yes' to all questions.
"Even though I cantik biasa-biasa? Pandai biasa-biasa? Baik biasa-biasa? Alim biasa-biasa? Masak biasa-biasa? Kaya biasa-biasa? There's really nothing special about me, nothing extraordinary...I'm not the best in anything and I don't standout."
Truthfully, I was feeling intimidated and inferior because I am really a biasa-biasa person. I know so many other people who have better lives than me, who I thought are way more perfect than I am.

My boyfriend told me something I needed to hear, "Sayang, semua tu hak Allah."

I felt a lot better after hearing his elaboration on that. Yes, all the things that sometimes we are proud of, even our parents, husbands, wives and children, they all belong to God and to God everything and everyone is returned to.

Tak apalah walau jadi an average Jane pun.


qahina said...

Ur Bf is right - semua tu hak Allah. But to settle with a plain Jane thoughts - I think your sense of observation is awesome for someone's your age and that's a bonus that will help your in adversity compared to those who depends on external input (aka husbands, children and pretty things) to cheer them up. Just remind yourself that the challenge is from within, not with others. I do admire your simplicity. Keep it up. :)

green apple said...

syahdu aku dengar BF ko cakap macam tu.

i think you've found your other half.

kalau ko taknak, aku ambikkkkkk.
so jgn banyak bunyik.

ectopy said...

qahina: that's so deep. aww...

kak di: haha, kadang-kadang je rasa terharu. bila gaduh, menyampah jugak... :D

MarlissaMusa said...

hikss..agreed..tapi kan..pelik kan..kekadang ayat yang kuar dari mulut lelaki wat kita terkesima..aik, cam terrorla pulak..tapi yes, time gadoh..nyampah sangat!