Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Hello. I've been busy. Busy and happy and grateful. Hence the absence from this blog.

There are so many things I wish I could share here, but I can't. There is nothing major, though.

I am actually in the mood to write but there's nothing particular in my mind right now.

Let me think...


I asked my niece whether she wants to study in England when she grows up. She rejected the idea. The reason being, "Ada selsema babi. Takutlah!" Laaa...

I complained to my boyfriend that I owe God about 10 days of puasa nazar and I don't think I can complete it soon.
My boyfriend said, "Lain kali, ubahlah niat tu...Buat makan-makan untuk orang miskin ke..."
I thought about it for a while before concluding, "Mana I nak cari orang miskin? Sini tak ada, dekat kampung you banyaklah!"

And I'm glad he takes the advantage to do charity work every now and then in his hometown.

Last week, I received the most flattering and sincerest compliment from a trusted friend regarding on my voice and looks. I thought about this for days before realizing how vain I am. Why did I get excited about something physical which will fade over time? I refuse to let myself be shallow!

My friend told me about his married friend, B, who is having an affair with a married woman. B thinks it's not an affair.

Me: If it's not an affair, why does he have to make it a secret?
Friend: Good point.

The woman he is seeing, is his ex-girlfriend, now with two kids. The affair extends up to the point where the woman tells him where she will be for her family outing. B would be waiting in the same mall. The woman would then excuse herself from her family (basically, lying to her husband, leaving him with the two kids) to go to the loo but in the matter of fact, she makes a detour to see B.
The meetings usually last only for a few minutes.

To make matters worse, the woman claims that she's not happy with her marriage and B only recently got married. And the few-minute-meeting has now been upgraded to a lunch date.

Me: I feel sorry for B's wife. Bayangkanlah, baru setahun kahwin, husband pergi ada affair. I don't like this. I'm scared.
Friend: This is now very common in Malaysia, don't you know?
Me: I know. But that doesn't make it right. In that case, I'd rather belong to the uncommon group. Berdosa besar tau kalau tipu suami.
Friend: But B said it's nothing. They just talk.
Me: Sekarang ni, talk only lah. Lama-lama nanti...
Friend: That's what I told him. Get yourself out of this mess before it even starts.
Me: I know lah we don't ask for things like this to happen, but I am scared...I am scared that I'll become like that one day...You never know kan? Minta-minta dijauhkan...
Friend: Hmm...
Me: And we know I have the potential to become like that...
Friend: Yes, you do have the potential. Career kita ni memang ada huge risk not to survive marriage, especially when you are not with somebody who doesn't understand your work. I remember my mom's friend who got divorced because the guy said she didn't spend enough time with her family. Soon afterwards, she married her colleague.
Me: I don't like this kind of stories. Tukar topik lah!

Where are all the good blogs out there? You are my inspirations to write, so don't go missing!

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