Sunday, May 27, 2018

So many things to tell you guys...Some of the stories dah backdated dah, but, whatever...I'll start with the most recent ones

- We were shopping for the kids' baju raya in KLCC. It was very quick. My husband then went to Oakley to fix his sunglasses, and left me wandering with my son who was sleeping in the stroller. Yes, he's almost 5 and still uses the stroller. My daughter didn't follow because she was napping at home.

I randomly went inside a shop to try glasses. Saje je...Making small conversation with the salesman...Then my husband arrived, and he layan-ed me trying on the sunglasses.

Him: You nak ke? Kalau you nak, ambillah.
Me: Memanglah cantik...Tak apalah. I nak yang reflective lenses. Yang ini hitam. I dah ada hitam. Lagipun 20% discount je.

Talked, talked, talked.

Him: Betul you taknak?
Me: Nak beli ke?
Him: Ambil je lah kalau suka.

My husband is the type yang...if you like it, just buy it.

So, don't be stupid. Use the opportunity when your husband is already offering! Haha!

This is me today.

And I sent the picture to my husband.

Me: Cantik. Ingat nak pakai today, tapi hujan. Thank you for the early birthday present! Ke birthday present I lain? Haha...

Him: Hahaha...Birthday present you is the road tax. I dah bayarkan...

Me: Okaylah...Tak romantic betul bagi road tax as birthday present. Nasib baik I sayang you!

Nevertheless, Alhamdulillah...

- Suddenly, I have a thing for the Kelly bag. But I would still say No even if my husband wanted to gift me. I'm trying to make myself like Hamano now. Haha...

- I've been meaning to write about Queen for quite some time now, perhaps almost a year already. Suddenly, I heard there will be a movie about them. Terus tak jadi tulis. I don't want to be that girl that became a fan just because of a movie/ documentary. I am genuine, people!

Anyway, I still think I prefer British music than the American. Coldplay is also a great band, right! Love them!

- I didn't go for KRU concert. When I almost bought the ticket, I browsed the Youtube and found out that, I only love the songs from their earlier albums. Some, I didn't ever heard before. So, that was the dealbreaker and I'm not regretting it.

- Somehow, I ended up in Cari forum and learned a few abbreviations such as
BBNU- budak baru nak up
MBNU- mak baru nak up
Anak ORKA- orang kaya
And they use all sorts of nicknames for celebrities/ instafamous people.

Wow. This is like the time when I just found out what was PJJ almost 10 years ago.
Me: PJJ tu apa?
Staff: Perhubungan jarak jauh.
Me: (There's a term for LDR in Malay!?) Ohhh...LDR...
Staff: LDR tu apa?
Me: Long distance relationship.

- And a few months ago, I was browsing IG and came across Azah Aziz the ex- actress who married the Canadian guy.

I used to love her. I remember, even as a child, I always thought she was pretty, has really good teeth, even though she was not fair.

I grew up thinking I wasn't fair, so to have a dark, pretty heroine gave me hope. (In the end, I found out I was actually quite fair. I used to buy dark coloured make up because I really thought I was not fair! True story! I also thought I wasn't slim, and I used to buy a lot of M size which didn't fit me well)

Anyway, I loved Cinta Antara Benua and Cinta Korporat, both made me wanna go study and live abroad and have my own version of love story- didn't happen, no love story except that I met my husband there...

Now, I'm determined to re-watch the series as soon as i have free time. Saja, nak menggamit kenangan lalu...Berangan sungguh! Haha!

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