Friday, March 16, 2018

Actually, I am writing this to tell you that...
I am no longer a facial spa virgin! Yeay!

So, after work, my friend sort of forced me to follow her...

I never really asked her about her facial treatment, except that I told her I never had one, and she got married recently, so she is all into this beauty thing...

What I learned/ not learned

- I don't know why we need to strip down when the beautician only concentrates on the face, neck and shoulder areas

- I got really bad review about my skin. Luckily, I am older now, so no hard feelings

- I finally found out the type of skin I have! Dry skin!

- sakit lah time dia picit picit tu! But so good...Because you don't have to do it yourself. It can be quite tiring, especially if you have skin like mine.
And my face didn't turn red. How did she do it!

- I like the eye massage because I instantly could see the difference

- my friend excitedly told me that the beautician can do my eyebrows too. I'm like, "No, it's fine, maybe next time..."
And she said, "Okay, I trim saja lorh..."

Me- frozen.
The first time anybody touched my eyebrows was on the day I got married. I didn't know how to say No at that time. I pray God wil forgive me and promised I won't do it again.
Then, yesterday, somebody trimmed my eyebrows

- now I understand why some celebrities become prettier and fairer, and why some look so timeless...
The amount of time and money they spend to maintain the youthful looks...


So, would I do it again? Yes. But maybe at a different place. Just because of the eyebrow incident. Perhaps I should try the normal Muslim facial spa next.

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