Tuesday, September 5, 2017


1) How do you guys wear tudung? Why am I still not an expert of wearing tudung nicely? It's frustrating when I thought my tudung was all pretty, but it would be out of place after a period of time. Why you no hold still? Why you senget! Is it because my tudungs are cheap? Perhaps, I'm just not pretty enough. You know how some people can simply throw a shawl, all messy but still look pretty? Not me.

2) I used to think local products should be cheap. Like yo, you are made locally. With the price like this, might as well I buy proper brands.
Then, I realized...Well, they are expensive, perhaps because of the designs. I mean, you gotta pay for designs too, right...
Other brands could be cheaper because they simply copy the designs! You want cheap, you buy the Siam mad or China made lah, the ciplak.
Established brands could also offer cheaper brands because they sell in bulks. More produce, cheaper price. Can't get that for local products, especially if they are still babies. Hopefully, one day, when they've become bigger, they could bring down the price further- although highly unlikely, hehe.

In the meantime, if they are too expensive for your likings, always wait for the discounts!

3) My son is still with my husband, so what I did was...fraying the hems of an old pair of jeans. DIY project was not a 100% success because I think I should cut it above my ankle, but, whatever, boleh tutup aurat, hehe. 90 minutes well spend.
Next project is making the boyfriend's jeans.

So, no more excuse of 'I don't have anything *nice* to wear'.
And in the spirit of minimising my spendings, I pledge to mix and match my clothes a lot more.
Thank you.


cacah said...

barang made in Siam pun okay sebenarnya. eh.

pakai tudung jenis macam mana ni? tudung bawal ke shawl? I rasa sebenarnya kena konfiden je u, and maybe if pakai shawl tu kena praktis depan cermin untuk letak jarum kat mana2 bagi tudung tak gerak sangat. if pakai bawal kena pastikan anak tudung yang kita pakai tu selesa and kemas baru tudung pun nampak kemas. sekarang banyak tutorial cara nak pakai tudung tapi bagus kalau kita boleh cari sejenis dua cara yang buat kita selesa dan rasa confident.... heee harap2 membantu.

(walaupun tudung i pakai biasa2 je tapi nak komen gak yang penting konfiden comel je... :P)

the ectopy said...

I selalu je tengok tutorial. I usually stick to the simpler versions and less pins. Tapi practice depan cermin tu tak buat lah. Time nak keluar tu lah baru nak bereksperimen.

Kalau I melaram depan cermin tanpa hala tuju, nanti anak I sibuk tanya, "Mommy, whatchu doing?" Haha.