Saturday, September 16, 2017

I was reminded by Allah, how precious this life is, how soon death is, and how unexpected things are. Indeed, He is the Master plan of all.

I couldn't contain my sadness when hearing a grieving husband cry. This macho man, who couldn't care any less that he was wailing like a baby, "Yang, bangun, yang! Yang, bangunlah! Anak kita kecil lagi. Yang, bangun!"

I saw the baby, not even two months old, now motherless. So innocent, calm and pure. Oh, child, your mother left too soon, going to a better place, I'm sure.

Sudden death is the hardest. Because you are not prepared for it. You couldn't say your goodbye.

As I felt sad, sympathy and thought how cruel this world can be, I took a moment and told myself...You know what, I should also envy this woman.
This woman passed on a Friday morning, during her confinement period. Her sins must be so minimal to be the chosen one. Such a special lady, I wish I knew what was her amalan.

I wonder how my ending would be like. It's scary, not because life is temporary, but because I am not sure if I belong in paradise. Bilalah nak insaf dan berubah...

The image of what I saw today will haunt me for a few weeks at least. This is sad.

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