Saturday, August 27, 2016

Being the super laid-back Mom that I am, I never really emphasize academic education on my children. Other kids recognize 123, go to playschool, sings ABC, but not mine.

Yeah...Sebenarnya, I ni mak malas. And I also let my son use the iPad.

Me: Abang K, what are you watching? Tengoklah ABC, 123, Alif Ba Ta!
Him: Nooooooooo!!! Tak nak pergi school! Nak work like Mommy and Daddy!

But, I did have high hopes. I used to imagine I would be some kind of super mom. I bought all these flash cards but I never used them.

Earlier this week, my son was bored. I was bored. Then, I found the unopened boxes! He got excited. My niece jadi sibuk, as usual.

Niece: Abang K, what's this?
Son: Thirteen.
Niece: What's this?
Son: Triangle.
Niece: Okay, what's this?
Son: S...
Niece: No, this is number five lah...

I totally didn't have any expectation whatsoever, so, you can imagine how my jaw dropped.

Now I know that he knows, but chooses to pretend to not know!

Even though I should not take credit for his intelligence (beause I never really taught him), I was a proud Mommy nevertheless!

Yeay! Can't believe I got really, really excited over this. It's not amazing because he's already 3 years old, but...but...What a delightful surprise!

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Nutasyah said...

I think sebab most of our energy spent for work.
then all those harapan with flash cards hanya sekadar beli je kan..

my son is 2.5 years now and having him to concentrate what i'm teaching ..ya Allah geram..sbb he choose to ignore..haha..

InshaaAllah our children will grow up just fine.. :)