Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I was at Mothercare when a gown on display caught my attention. I couldn't find it on the racks, so I asked the salesgirl for help.

It was just a simple polka dot gown, with scenery of London cartoons at the hem.

The salesgirl found it, I was happy, but then she said, "Kak, baju ni ada gambar anjing," as she pointed at the 3cm cartoon picture.

I...I didn't know how to react to that.

I didn't want to hurt her feelings, so I put it back. But, when she was not looking, I grabbed it again and brought it to my husband, haha.

"Abang! Orang tu bagi warning baju ni ada gambar anjing. Sejak bila tak boleh pakai baju gambar anjing?"

I dulu-dulu pakai je baju Snoopy, tak ada masalah pun, gambar besar pula tu. And those people who wear Hush Puppies...

Well, Malay people nowadays...We all should stop to overanalyze little little things like this... (-___-")


Anonymous said...

it happened to me few years back masa sekolah, ectopy. i pakai baju 101 Dalmations, kemudian pergi jemput my nephew kat rumah pengasuh. muka pengasuh tu nampak sangat terkejut bila nampak i pakai tshirt dengan gambar macam tu but she said nothing about it..

lepas tu balik rumah i carik info about gambar binatang pada pakaian, sebab yes, all those brands macam hush puppies tu clearly gambar anjing jugak, the piglet dalam winnie the pooh tu obviously babi tapi watak cartoon..

Anonymous said...

It just the tought that we want to be nicest to our child or towards others. Not that you dont have the choice but to pick dresses with puppies or pig on it. Islam want to ease you so you dont have to change everytime you want to pray or any other occasian that you are in it that doesnt seem right to spot on with the images of dog nor pig

Anonymous said...

happened to me! on my birthday kawan2 kasi kinda baggy shirt ada gambar tiny t-rex all over the shirt. and one time ada cleaner pakistani muslim kat office i tegur kenapa pakai baju ada binatang.. i pun tak terfikir. just trying to appreciate a gift from friends.. and yeah never crossed my mind yg t-rex tu binatang. boleh? hahahahahah