Thursday, December 4, 2014

Hari ni, asyik gaduh je dengan colleagues/ bosses/ clients...

The worst I had today, happened just now.

My staff told me that I have a pending work to do. So, I said okay, and had my meal first.
Then, my boss arrived.
Suddenly, he accused me for being lazy and calculative because he said I refused to help me.

Me: (WTF!) Saya tak ada pun kata saya tak nak buat.
Boss: Ada staff cakap you tak nak buat.
Me: Which one?
Staff 1: Akak tak ada pun cakap Miss macam tu.
Staff 2: (Shaking her head)
Boss: Yang itu, you have to sort it out between you and your staff.
Me: I baru je tahu pasal case ni 15 minit lepas. Tadi, I baru settle kan another case. I planned to help you after I had my meal. That's why I went to eat first. I never said I did not want to clerk this case. Masa staff inform I pasal case ni, I langsung tak ada buat muka ke, naik suara ke...

Then, he changed topic. And he started to cool down a bit. (Ciri-ciri orang guilty)

When he left, I turned to my staff:

Me: Siapa yang bagitahu saya  tak nak buat kerja tu?! Saya nak bunuh dia!
Staff 1: Saya baru je keluar toilet masa Boss datang tadi. Saya langsung tak cakap apa-apa. Saya bersumpah atas anak saya!
Staff 2: Akak pun tak cakap macam tu.
Staff 3: Bukan saya...Saya faham masa tu Miss nak makan dulu...

Staff 2: Miss, Boss tu penat tu...Sebab tu dia macam tu.
Me: Ye...Saya tahu dia penat. Tak apa lah...Tapi, tak baiklah buat macam tu. Kalau tak, tak pasal pasal, kita pula yang bergaduh. Dah lah tadi saya kena maki dengan client. Tapi saya sabar je. Sebab saya fikir client saya tu tak sihat, sebab tu dia maki saya.

I went into my room and called my husband.
Then I cried. But he didn't know, of course. I maintained my usual cheerful self. I'm a damn good actress!

Biasa lah kan, kerja memang macam ni.

Over last weekend, I met a friend over lunch.

She told me the story when a client of hers spat on her. The saliva hit her her shoe.

She said, "Ectopy, I didn't study for years to be spat like that..."

Men...Why do they get so irritable when

- hungry
- tired
- lack of sleep

Kalau husband mula menunjukkan ciri-ciri nak cari gaduh tu, all I have to do is:
- Look at the time
- Realize it's his mealtime
- Cepat-cepat feed him before it gets worse

I had a great week last week.
My little family spent precious time together for 7 full days!
I just need to write this down so I can direct my mind to a happier place.

I know my boy was very happy to have both of his parents by his side. Clingy to my husband, as usual. Loves the swimming pool. Acted like a big kid when he wanted to jump into the pool.

I was happy too. And I'm so glad to be married to my husband. He's a great man. May we have a blessed life.

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