Monday, October 27, 2014

Today, I am gonna talk about my son.

I think, my son is mostly a quiet little person. You rarely hear his voice. He grunts when he wants something, knows how to cry when he doesn't get the things he want.

And when the crying happens, boy, could he cry for a very long time...So, terpaksalah pujuk or distract him.

I am always amazed that despite the lack of words, somehow I could understand him.
I think, compared to his father, I'm just a little more observant.

For example, when I look at him, I can see his eyes are fixated on something, which means he will eventually want it. So, when he starts to grunt, I know exactly what he's asking for. And now, he knows how to point at things with his index and middle fingers.

Every time I correctly guess his wants and needs, I instantly feel a rush of satisfaction, as if, we have a special bond between us (which we do!). Haha. Padahal all you need is to watch and learn his body language lah...

I remember the times when he was just learning to walk.
He fell down many times, and he picked himself up over and over again. And look at where he is now, walking, almost running and growing up healthily.
I remember thinking, my own son is reminding me about life- Never give up. You need to fall down before learning to walk. Even a baby could do it, so why can't you?

So, I hope, in the future, whenever I feel all hopeless, I would remind myself about the time my baby was learning to walk (and soon, the time when he learns how to ride a bicycle etc).

I tend to ignore him when he falls down. Simply because I think he needs to toughen up a little. Also, I realize he is usually fine when he thinks I am not watching. Kalau I tegur sikit, mulalah nak melalak. Alahai...

When we first moved back to Mother's house, he was very fascinated by the cats.
Sekarang, dia dah tak heran. Malah, kuat mengacau kucing-kucing.

Sometimes, I find scratches on his hands and legs. Tapi, tak ada pulak dia menangis pulak. Bila kucing tu cakar dia, dia buat selambe je...Memang tak serik serik.

One time, I was feeding with fish crackers. Tapi dia buang buang. So, the cats came running eating the bits off the floor. Pandai pulak si kenit tu nak dengki dengan si kucing. Dia pukul kepala kucing tu tak nak bagi makan. Dia pulak pergi kutip masuk mulut.


Last February, my colleague showed a video of her 10-month-old daughter swaying her little body while listening to the nursery rhymes. My boy was 6 months old. I remember being excited for my son to turn 10 months old so he would develop his dancing skills.

Nope. It did not happen. Yet.
Body keras kot anak I ni...

Kalau tengok Hi 5, mak dia yang terlebih excited berjoget joget. Baby K tu duduk tercegat je...
Why you no fun!

Mother said, "Cucu-cucu lain tak ada pun macam ni...Time Baby K ni, habis pasu pecah! Barang tak boleh letak rendah-rendah."

Susah sangat nak ambil a proper smiling picture. Tak reti duduk diam. Aktif betul.
Nanti I letak gambar dia okay!

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