Monday, June 27, 2011

My friend who is currently abroad, gave me a 'holla' just now, to say sorry for missing the wedding.

The usual question would be, "How's life after marriage?"

Honestly and truthfully, I said, "I don't feel much different."

Seriously. I don't feel different. I am not happier or sadder than before. I am pretty much the same person doing the same routine. You know, the usual.

Is there something wrong with me? Is this unnatural and abnormal for a newly-wed?

The only difference, which I also told to Brad P, is, "Sekarang dia makan, dia minta I ambil. Dulu sebelum kahwin, pandai ambil sendiri. Sekarang, tiba-tiba tak pandai dah..." They responded by laughing and giving the exact same reply, "Dia saja nak manja-manja tu."

"Ectopy, you ni kan, sempoi gila!" my friend said.

I was very laid back about my wedding, that my colleague told me two weeks before the event, "Ectopy, you are the coolest bride I have ever seen."
This is after she asked me whether I was nervous or excited about the wedding. I said, "Nope. I am okay. Not nervous and not very excited. I am just worried if there will be people attending my wedding."

Orang lain tak macam ni ke weih!

I am so sempoi, I have yet to pester my photographers for pictures. Tak excited pun nak tengok gambar.
Sebenarnya, more to fear of muka tak lawa masa wedding tu. Tu pasal tak excited.

(Prays to God for pretty photos)


Moose said...

ectopy, i pun tak rasa anything different once i got married. well, maybe except that i am more busier these days sebab kena masak etc. apart from that, i am the same person as i was before i am married.

i thought i was abnormal too! hehe.

Fabulous Me said...

u, i pon tak tau cmne rase mse NAK kwin dlu. i asik gelak je. x serious lansung2.. dr preparation sampai la mase akad. DANG!! gile mse tuh i nervous yg i tak pnh rse b4. kalah interview! mcm u risau wedding xde org dtg, i tak risau tuh. i risau dugaan bakal suami mase akad. mane la tau kan.. tapi alhamdulillah dgn skali lafaz smua berjalan lancar. Phew~