Saturday, February 20, 2010

you'll find it.

A question.

Who can I trust to make a beautiful corset?

I think a really nice corset is hard to make, so I am thinking of separately sending the corset top to a good tailor and the rest of the dress shall be sewed by other low-key tailors. You know, just because I don't think it's worth it to spend thousands on a wedding dress.

Well, it is worth it, but I don't have enough budget.
I admit!

I gave my boyfriend a text message, basically I was praising myself using the words he had used to compliment me:
"I ni mata bulat, rambut lembut, kulit gebu, bibir mugil, body lawa, kaki licin, wangi, mata bulat, leher cantik...Bertuahnya you ni! What more can you ask for me hah! :)"

This is what he replied with:
"I nak hati you yang baik, kelembutan you, your presence and kasih sayang dan ihsan dari you."

Wow, that was a surprise.


I think this blog has become more or so the place where I document the nice things people had said about/ to me. It's important to remember these things especially during one of those low days when you feel worthless.

"Ectopy, I've been watching you for a long time. I notice you are very humble and hardworking. Keep it up. May God bless you. Jangan lupa banyak baca Quran, banyak-banyakkan berdoa."

Terus hati berbunga-bunga, when someone whom I am not close with, who could be as old as Mother, suddenly said those things to me.
On the other hand, I also has been admiring her from far. She's firm and kind, not irritating unlike some other people who hold the same position as her. And she always encourage people to pray, "Awak Muslim? Baca ni...(Then she would recite some doa). InsyaAllah everything's gonna be fine. Jangan takut. Kena kuat semangat."

The embarassing thing is, she thinks I'm such a nice person which I don't think I am. Perhaps I should recite the Quran more often.

I hate seeing my friends not believing in love. It makes me feel like, 'If I were single, I would've made you happy because I could love you, why wouldn't anyone love you and you love her back,' that kinda thing.

It's baaaaaad...and sad.

For some reasons, I always fail to convince them that they will find the one. Just like how I felt when I fell out of love several years back. I thought I could never loved anyone else more. But then, I found my boyfriend. And it is possible to love more and more.

I remember I was crushed thinking I could never find a person who I can love and love me back. But then, someone told me, of course you could never feel the same love again and you can never compare the love you will have with the previous ones. Because they are different love. But still love. Probably not better, but it's love.

Do you get what I mean!

See, I told you I always fail to explain this to my friends. You'll get what I mean when you've experienced it.

How was your Valentine's day?

One of my friends had a really super duper romantic one and instead of feeling jealous of her, I am so happy for her!

But because the mood still lingers, it opens up opportunities and twisted tales between my friends and their friends and their friends which in the end, I know all of them past and secrets. Why are we so interconnected?

And that's why I like to mingle my friends!


Weed and Bandages said...

tonton Into The Wild untuk faham tentang 'happiness' :)

Sue@Iza said...

hi ectopy..the part bout finding another love..even tho sounds like logic but it's hard to understand. cause diff people lost their love in diff situation rite.

heh.bunyi macam pandai ckp. hahaha. anyway, nicely said.