Wednesday, February 6, 2019

I'm excited for my much needed break next month! We will be away for 10 days!

But, it's different this time. Even though I'm thrilled, I haven't done much preparation. I haven't started researching for the things to do, or places to go, or what to wear...

I have booked the flight tickets, the train tickets and accomodations, that's all.

Meh, I guess we will just go with the flow...No plan kinda vacation. Wheee!


I used to want to become a famous person, the closest I could be is a famous blogger or vlogger. I thought, hey, easy money! You'd get gifts all the time, get invited to fashion shows, be able to wear nice clothes...

Since I am older now, I realize it would be a bad idea. Being famous means you also have the ability to influence.

Do you know how much responsibility in that? No wonder you get paid so much.

I mean, you can influence people. You have the power, and you can either use it in a good way, or in a bad way (usually unintentionally). People idolize you, so you have to watch how you carry yourself, behave carefully.

For example, Dina, the polular Muslim fashion v/blogger. A lot of people look up to her. Although, I understand that it is entirely her rights to do what she thinks is best for her, but I couldn't help thinking about the young  people who would follow her footsteps.

Yeah, it's not her fault if people would copy her recent looks, but if I were her, I would think twice about the people who would get affected by how I would change my appearance. It's the price of being well known.

When you are popular, you sort of become the public's property. They know about you. You can't be 100% you. It's too vulnerable. Your opinions will give impact to those who worship you.

We all know, you and I are not perfect. But on social media, you always have to be the best versions of yourself. Some v/bloggerd don't give a shit about being mediocore or ugly or judged, but I still think, when you are famous, you have social resposibilty to set good examples to your followers.

And moreso if you are a Muslim. With all the misconceptions about Islam...We are taught our behaviours will determine whether we go to Heaven or Hell, even if your deed is atom size.

I'm not saying I'm a saint, I show my aurat a lot still, but dosa tu I tanggung (or, maybe my husband also tanggung), but not you, social media influencers...Always think before you act or speak.

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