Sunday, December 23, 2018

My son loves his school but we will change school starting next year.
It breaks my heart, because I really want to be loyal and supportive to his old kindy, but I guess, it is no longer convenient for us.

I remember when looking for a school, I was specific about wanting it to be Montessori, colourful, cheerful...And I found it. It is a small and new school, with minimal number of students.

I know the teachers, who are the owners, are doing it because they are passionate about it. They are not doing it for the money...Come on, RM300 per month for 7-10 students, that's like barely RM1500 per month (they only have 2 teachers). I don't think they are making any profits yet, and I really, really wish they would because they are such good people, but I just can't continue there.

Mother says it's too far away, we need a bus, I no longer have a maid, my son wants to learn Chinese...

The new school, it's a little crowded, and I don't like the toilet. There's Mandarin subject, so I don't have to pay RM60 per hour to a tutor (yes, I looked around for a tutor). I'm not planning to enrol him to a Chinese school (my only criteria is- a school that is close to my house), but because he keeps asking me for Mandarin class, so here we are, at a new school...

I'm getting too emotionally attached to his old school that it feels like I'm going through a tough break-up.
Tsk. Itu pun nak nangis...

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